Swimming And My Five Year Old Twins

In my five year old twins early years I have to confess we didn’t really take them swimming. The usual reason was time and also when they were little both of us had to go, which of course normally wouldn’t apply if you just had a single baby. So I guess we just put it on the back burner and didn’t get to the swimming pool very often.

When we went on our summer holidays the girls loved going into the pool and probably would have stayed in all day. Of course what made it easier was we were both there to ensure their safety which is vital and offers us as parents peace of mind.

A few weeks ago we visited Bluestone Wales which has a massive swimming pool complex and this is where I first saw our twin girls gain a new found confidence in the water. Part of the swimming complex was a lazy river that went outside and back inside to the main pool area.

Once the girls tried it once they couldn’t stop and I actually lost count how many times we went around the lazy river! Their feet couldn’t touch the bottom, but they weren’t even slightly fazed.

Since arriving home from our holiday at Bluestone Wales my wife has taken the girls swimming twice and yesterday I had an afternoon off work which was great because I had an opportunity to go swimming as well. I cannot believe how different the girls were. Their confidence was sky high, which I think was down to something that my wife was sent for review on her blog Twin Mummy and Daddy .

My wife was sent Zoggs water wing vests, ok the girls look like the Incredible Hulk in them, but they are brilliant. It’s the first time I have truly seen the girls fully confident in the water and not hanging around our necks. It made going swimming such a pleasure.

I can’t wait till the next time we go swimming, and see my twin girls confidence grow even more.

Do you take your children swimming on a regular basis? I would love to hear.

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  1. those look like great vests, much better than the arm floaties that we relied on a few years ago. We are fortunate enough to have our own pool in the backyard and like most things, once she put her mind to being a swimmer mine turned into a little fish. She’s twice the swimmer that I was at her age.

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