Swimming And My Five Year Old Twins

In my five year old twins early years I have to confess we didn’t really take them swimming. The usual reason was time and also when they were little both of us had to go, which of course normally wouldn’t apply if you just had a single baby. So I guess we just put it on the back burner and didn’t get to the swimming pool very often. When we went on our summer holidays the girls loved going into the pool and probably would have stayed in all day. Of course what made it easier was we were both… [Read More]

The Twins Learn to Swim on Holiday (Feat Video)

The biggest moment on our holiday for me happened at the swimming pool. We have taken the girls swimming at our local leisure centre, but not on a regular basis so as far as learning to swim was concerned the girls didn’t really learn. However they were pretty confident in the water, probably as their feet were touching the bottom of the pool. When we arrived at the hotel the pool was perfect. Not too deep, but deep enough to keep the girls feet off the bottom.  On our first day we went down to the pool after lunch and… [Read More]