Kitchen Blinds – Should Be Easy To Clean

Making sure you have the right blind for your kitchen can be difficult. They should look great and be extremely practical. An important thing to take into account is your cleaning routine. As it isn’t a good idea to choose a set of blinds which are problematic to clean as they are bound to get dirty whilst you are cooking. For the best results, We would recommended a roller blind as they are extremely simple to keep clean. But, there are many people who are choosing wooden window blinds because they are immune to rapid temperature changes, not only this… [Read More]

Blackout Blind Review from Order Blinds

During the summer months the light nights can be very frustrating when it comes to our childrens’ bedtime. Our twin girls are usually in bed by 7 o’clock, but the sunshine is sometimes streaming through the window in their bedroom so it’s hard to get them to go to sleep when it’s still light. In addition to this come 5am it’s light again so this means they’re up early too! My wife and I decided to look at blackout blinds, but of course as it was for our four year old twin girls bedroom, safety was paramount. We didn’t want… [Read More]