Kitchen Blinds – Should Be Easy To Clean

Making sure you have the right blind for your kitchen can be difficult. They should look great and be extremely practical. An important thing to take into account is your cleaning routine. As it isn’t a good idea to choose a set of blinds which are problematic to clean as they are bound to get dirty whilst you are cooking.

For the best results, We would recommended a roller blind as they are extremely simple to keep clean. But, there are many people who are choosing wooden window blinds because they are immune to rapid temperature changes, not only this but they are incredibly easy to clean with a single wipe.

Roman Blinds – Great For Bay Windows & Living Rooms

Roman blinds are ideal for any windows in your home that don’t sit flat against your property. With many people opting to cover each individual pane with three small roman blinds. This helps to give a real sense of beauty and helps to give your home interior that something extra special. Not only will roman blinds look great, they will allow a lot of light into your room by simply lifting them up.

Venetian Blinds – Perfect For Your Bathroom Or Kitchen

Your bathroom is one of the dampest places within your home and is often humid/damp on a daily occurence. With this in mind, you should select your blinds very carefully. If you are looking for a bathroom venetian blind then you should select either a faux wood or a metal venetian. This way means that you won’t have to worry about any kind of mould, as it will simple wipe away from these type of surfaces.

Metal & faux wood blinds should stay in great condition for years with regular and easy maintenance.

Perfect Fit Blinds – Ideal For Your Conservatory

Those who are lucky enough to have a conservatory on their home, will be looking to have perfect fit blinds, especially if you have recently had yours installed. Perfect fit blinds are fitted to the rubber seal of the window which means there is no need to drill into any PVC. Helping you to have a clean and spacious window sill.

With a number of different types available with the perfect fit system such as venetian, pleated and more. Perfect fit blinds are the ideal choice for anyone looking to save space and have a tooless install.

Match Your Blinds To Your Room’s Colour Scheme

If you’re not looking to create an impact or you are  not wanting a dramatic colour scheme, then you should choose the colour of your blinds to compliment your interior. A good way to do this is to take a look at a colour wheel, which will allow you to see your main room colour and see which colour is similar so that you can use it for your blinds. Of course, if you are looking to make a big impact then you would take a look at the contrasting colours. An example of this would be having red and green together, these would give a room contrast.

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