The Older I Get The More It Hurts: Siblings

Another year has passed and I’m another year older. The older I get, the more think of the estranged relationships I have with my brother and sister, and quite honestly it hurts a bit more every year. When I was born I had a mother, father, brother and sister. I have on many previous occasions written how this family nucleus became estranged and dysfunctional. However, cutting a long story short, I only have a relationship with my mum, and my father passed away a few years ago, not that it made any difference to our relationship because we simply didn’t… [Read More]

Why I think the sibling relationship is the strongest

In life we form many relationships, but we are born into just a few. One obviously is the parent/child relationship and the other is the sibling relationship which is not always perfect I admit. The sibling relationship can have those moments of estrangement, but also death, divorce or general lifestyle changes which can make the sibling relationship stronger which I have seen on many occasions. The sibling relationship in my opinion is the strongest that we will ever encounter in our lives, but the question is why? I think the answer is quite simple. You are from the same gene… [Read More]

The older brother

I have five children from two marriages. Three children from my first marriage and twins from my second marriage. I always wondered how my older children would accept having two younger siblings. Saying that all three never had a problem. The two oldest have very busy lives so they see their twin sisters as often as possible, but my son who has just turned 16 years old spends a lot of time with us and as the girls get older it’s been fantastic to watch this truly incredible brother-sister relationship develop. The girls are now three years old and in… [Read More]