Six Years Old: My Sunday Photo

Last weekend when the beast of the east dumped a huge amount of snow all around us, it just so happened to be the same weekend that our twin girls were having their birthday party. This was to be held at our home. The girls had actually asked about 20-25 of their friends to come. How were we going to fit them all in the house? Haha! The snow, and snow drifts had left the roads impassable by car so anybody living too far away was going to be unlikely attend. As such we put out a message to see… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

My son turned 18 years old on Friday and we went out for a lunchtime celebration meal at a local pub.  I caught this fantastic photo of my son with his five year old twin sisters, who worship the ground he walks on. I love the sibling love that is captured in a very sweet moment. On a very special day. 

My Son is 18 Years Old Today 

I have five children and now three of them are fully grown adults able to do all those things legally. This is one strange feeling. The years seem to fly past. Omg ! I’m getting old, haha!  Today is my son A’s birthday and he is 18 years old if was able to go and pick my son at birth and know what sort of adult he would grow up to be I would of easily picked my son A. He is to me perfect in every way.  It doesn’t seem like yesterday that he was lying in my arms… [Read More]