DisneyLand Paris, I’m Coming Back This Year!

Last year I wrote a post all about being grumpy about going to Disneyland Paris. The situation for me was that I was never a Disney fan. I never really liked Disney as a child, so understanding ” the magic of Disney” that everybody talked about, well quite honestly I never got it. Last June within about one hour of arriving at Disney, I was a convert! I had been sold the magic hook, line and sinker. There really is a magic in the air. It’s hard to fully explain, but the minute we arrived at the Disneyland Paris hotel… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

I have recently come back from Disneyland Paris and I will be publishing more in depth blog posts later this week on our holiday experience. There were so many magical moments that we managed to photograph. One particular magical moment was when my five year old twin girls met Peter Pan and Wendy Darling. It really was very special to see their little faces light up with big beaming smiles and if I could bottle that happiness and joy I saw in that one moment and sell it I’m sure it would make me a millionaire.

Am I Grumpy? Disneyland Paris

In couple of weeks time as I have already written in a previous post called Family Holidays this Summer, I made no secret of the fact that Disneyland is not my ideal holiday, but hey ho I have a problem. My wife and our five year old twin girls are mega excited and I am doing my best to get into the spirit of Disney. I am not a Disney type of  person. You know kind, smiley, wholesome, and yes there is no bad in the world when Disney is in your life. Of course the reality is there are… [Read More]