DisneyLand Paris, I’m Coming Back This Year!

Last year I wrote a post all about being grumpy about going to Disneyland Paris. The situation for me was that I was never a Disney fan. I never really liked Disney as a child, so understanding ” the magic of Disney” that everybody talked about, well quite honestly I never got it.

Last June within about one hour of arriving at Disney, I was a convert! I had been sold the magic hook, line and sinker. There really is a magic in the air. It’s hard to fully explain, but the minute we arrived at the Disneyland Paris hotel to check in, and I know they do it for everybody, but I felt like a celebrity or royalty as our suitcases were whisked away and we were told they would be in our room when we had finished our day. How special is that? Well it was to me!

Staying in the Disneyland Hotel, yes it is more expensive, but it’s worth every penny. The Disney experience is to be believed, and if I’m honest had I not experienced it last year for myself, I would never have believed how the magic can take over your thoughts and mind. It’s a very special feeling. It simply transports you back to your childhood.

This June I’m super excited that we are going back to Disneyland Paris, and yes staying at the Disneyland hotel again, and I genuinely can’t wait, it cannot come quick enough. We loved our stay so much last year that we’ve extended our holiday time there to six days so that we take in all the sights, although I think even if we stayed a fortnight we still couldn’t take it all in!

I’m very excited that pirates of the Caribbean is now back open after being renovated, and there is a massive superheroes summer going on, both of which I’m sure will get my six year old twins very excited. Ok maybe I’m more excited than them!

As I have already said I’m now a total Disney convert! I can’t wait to meet the characters at breakfast, lunch and dinner, go on all the rides and in particular my favourite It’s a Small World, I lost count of how many times we went on it last time!

There was one moment that I will never forget as long as I shall live. I’m not sure I have been that quiet for that long in my life before now. I was so totally transfixed by the whole scene in front of me at 10 o’clock at night, and amazingly this happens every night. The Disney castle light and firework show, Disney Illuminations. If you have found the Disney magic, this will without a doubt convince you that Disney really does have a magic all of its own. The show will just stop you in your tracks and you don’t take your eyes off it for fear of missing something. It’s quite simply incredible, awesome and well, it blew me away?

So roll on June because Disneyland Paris I’m coming back, and I’m already super excited!

3 thoughts on “DisneyLand Paris, I’m Coming Back This Year!

  1. Oh I am so jealous! I’m still trying to convince Gaz that we should go this summer! He has been to Florida countless times though and thinks Paris will be disappointing. Having been to DLP twice myself, there is no way the kids will be disappointed!!! #triumphanttales

  2. This is really interesting as I have never been a Disney fan, but I know the inevitable will happen within the next year or so it’s nice to know that the magic can work on people like you and I. Thanks for joining in at #TriumphantTales.

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