DisneyLand Paris, I’m Coming Back This Year!

Last year I wrote a post all about being grumpy about going to Disneyland Paris. The situation for me was that I was never a Disney fan. I never really liked Disney as a child, so understanding ” the magic of Disney” that everybody talked about, well quite honestly I never got it. Last June within about one hour of arriving at Disney, I was a convert! I had been sold the magic hook, line and sinker. There really is a magic in the air. It’s hard to fully explain, but the minute we arrived at the Disneyland Paris hotel… [Read More]

Brits Speaking Foreign Languages On Holiday 

Each year we have a family summer holiday which is usually to one of the Balearic Islands in Spain. Of course we are not alone in this as many British people follow the sun for their family holiday, but of course British people including myself never make the effort to speak the local language. We almost think that it’s our right to speak English and whenever we are in the world local people will understand and speak back to us in English. There was a time I’m sure that we would buy a handy language guide before going on holiday… [Read More]

My Summer Holidays Past and Present

The summer holidays are drawing to a close and my twin girls are preparing to start full time school. This all got me to thinking and reflecting on my own childhood holidays in comparison to my children’s. So tighten your seat belts this could get a bit bumpy on the emotional rollercoaster! This summer we went to Majorca. This was the third time the twins had been on holiday abroad in their four short years of life. Certainly something I had never experienced. On the first of those three holidays I was lucky to have all of my five children… [Read More]

When fridges turn bad!

One of the best things about going on a family holiday is having the opportunity to spend quality time with my children, and of course my wife!  I get the chance to relax a little, well, I guess it’s not really relaxing when you have children to keep entertained, but it’s a lot better than being stuck in work!  We can spend time together, go swimming together, eat at nice restaurants together and go on day trips together.  Holidays are amazing, and can be a great way to unwind and forget about the stresses and strains that life can sometimes… [Read More]

Our summer holiday in Majorca

We have recently returned home from our summer holiday in Majorca. This is going to be an overall summary of our holiday followed by three posts which highlight my three special moments during our holiday. We had an early start as our plane departure time was 6.10am so we had to be awake by 3am, but we were and the girls were incredibly good and actually quite awake which is more than can be said about me! The girls Trunki cases did come in handy as a good place for them to sit whilst queuing up to check our luggage… [Read More]

Top 5 tips for taking toddlers on a plane

We are soon going to be going on holiday abroad. This will be the third time in four years that our twin girls have flown which is amazing considering they are only four years old! There is no question that they are very lucky. I was about 13 years old before I went on a plane. So they are doing quite well and I learnt so much from taking young children on a plane journey. Saying that here are my tips for an uneventable journey. 1. Our flight this year is 6am which means the girls will be woken about… [Read More]

Planning and booking a summer holiday

We have found ourselves in the position of having to rent for another year. It’s important to have something to look forward to so we have decided to book a Thomsons all inclusive holiday. Here are my five tips to get the right holiday for your family and yourself.  Going on our holiday will be my wife, our four year old twins and my mother who has limited mobility. 1. First thing is to decide on what sort of holiday you want. In our case we want an all inclusive holiday where we don’t have to worry about meals or… [Read More]