Run WIFE! Run

It’s not often I write about my wife, but I felt this couldn’t be left unsaid in relation to her achievements with her running. This recently culminated in being picked as just one of ten runners in South Wales to be a part of Team Brecon Carreg, and believe me when I say it’s an awesome achievement. It really is, and throughly deserved.

My wife started to run about 12 months ago seriously, and started to enter races and decided to train for the Cardiff half marathon.

To start running and training for any race whether it be a 5k, 10k or a longer distance takes enormous dedication and self belief, but more importantly it takes hard work and lots, and I mean lots of training in all sorts of weather.

I stand in awe of my wife. Her hard work and training is something to marvel at. My wife never puts off training runs, and in fact can get irritated if for any reason she can’t go. In January of this year she took part in Red January, which involves running every single day in the month of January. She never failed to run every day, and completed the entire challenge. That takes a lot of discipline.

So in the last 12 months my wife has run a number of 5k and 10k runs, but her crowning glory came with running a half marathon. She set herself a target of 2 hours 30 minutes, and she beat her target by one minute!

This my is wife all over! She sets out to do something and will achieve it. Setting yourself personal goals sometimes are difficult to achieve because you can just think oh, well never mind, but with my wife? Not a chance. It’s not about beating other people, it’s about improving herself, which I believe is a valuable life lesson that our twin girls can learn from. Truth is they couldn’t have a better teacher than their mum, to live healthy and happy lives.

My wife also has a medal board which takes pride of place in our home, and it staggers me how many medals she has. Totally awesome!

So, as mentioned above, a few weeks ago my wife was selected as one of ten runners that form the team in South Wales for Team Brecon Carreg. This is a massive achievement considering my wife only started running seriously about 12 months ago.

As I have said I’m in awe of my wife’s dedication, motivation and the belief that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything. I love and I am so very proud of your running achievements.

This year she has entered the Cardiff half marathon along with numerous other races. You can be sure of one thing, our six year old twin girls and I will be there cheering you on.

Well done on all your achievements in running. It’s something you should be very proud of.

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