6 Garden Renovations to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Unless you’re super green-thumbed, the garden is usually the last part of the house to get a makeover when you’re doing things up. But especially if you live in a part of the world that enjoys warm weather, making your garden a great space to spend time in has heaps of benefits – including reducing stress and keeping you physically active.

If you’re unsure how to get the best out of your outdoor area, here are some ideas to help you to plan your garden renovation.

1. Patios

A classic patio or outdoor decking area is the perfect foundation for garden furniture or BBQ and means you can enjoy your garden without needing to step on the grass. They can be raised or simply paved over grass; and can be walled-in with brick or wood, or just lead out straight into the open garden. To use your patio in the evening when temperatures drop, or even in the rain. Of course adding a lovely wooden table and chairs with patio wooden umbrellas is a must. you could build a small roof or awning covering the area to ensure it’s useable in any weather.

2. Alfresco Roofed Areas

Consult with your garden renovators, like Platinum Outdoors in Perth, to design the alfresco area of your dreams with the help of their know-how and years of experience in the industry. These sorts of renovations combine the best elements of the outdoors and the inside, providing you with a space that benefits from warmth and fresh air but also has a roof and sometimes walls to give you privacy while separating the areas. Find out more about alfresco spaces that are a little better than standard patios by checking out Platinum Outdoors’ website.

3. Landscaping

Getting expert landscaping work done on your garden will give it a new lease of life. If your lawn looks a little dull, or it could benefit from a pathway, talk your vision through with your contractors who will put your ideas to work. Building walls to divide areas or laying down paving slabs all comes under landscaping, as well as planting trees and creating rock and flower beds. There’s no limits to your imagination when it comes to creating your perfect garden – start the process today by getting in touch with renovators and gardeners.

4. Pools

Pools admittedly require quite a bit of upkeep – but if you can afford to maintain it, it’s an amazing investment both for your house value and your lifestyle. Imagine waking up to do a few lengths of the pool each day, starting your day right: this could be your reality with an outdoor pool, or you could even build an inside pool-house. Set some paving around it, complete it with sunbeds and a parasol, and you’ve got the perfect leisure area that will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors.

5. Conservatories

Adding a conservatory extension onto your house is a stylish and functional option to make the most of a beautiful view from the comfort of the indoors. A conservatory is essentially a glass or polycarbonate room added onto your house which extends into the garden; so, you can relax on a sofa with a brilliant outlook across your garden. Keep an eye on your children playing outside, watch birds fly between trees, or read a book while rain patters on the roof – all without leaving the house.

6. Pagodas

A garden pagoda is a lovely, unique and relaxing area that looks stunning placed anywhere in an outdoor space. They are basically a wooden structure that provides a small area of shelter, though the roof can be slatted rather than fully flanked to protect against rain. Slatted pagoda roofs make great frames for climbing plants. They are usually paved underneath and make a lovely setting for an outdoor dining area. If your garden is big enough, a stand-alone pagoda placed somewhere in the center is a stunning feature.

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