Dad Has said No! Haha! That Means Yes!

Come on then! How many times have you said no to one of your children when they have wanted something, and you have so meant it and have held out for one minute, and then given in and said yes. This has happened to me so many times that I lost count years ago.

Do I know why I say yes so quickly after being totally adamant that they are going to have whatever they are asking for?

Simple really! I love my children, and if I could walk on hot coals for them I would, although I wouldn’t recommend that, it might hurt a bit.

We live in a society that has now conditioned us to say yes to our children because we don’t want them to be left out, and not have the latest things that their friends and peers have. It’s a tough dilemma. Are we raising a generation of spoilt brats? Very possibly. Sadly I am very much to blame for this behaviour, when it comes to my children

Looking back over the last 22years of parenting and raising five children I decided I would highlight some moments where I have caved in within 30 seconds and this has usually cost me a fortune.

One time when we were on a family holiday in Majorca, we booked to go to a marine park that had a dolphin show. Quite honestly the day trip was not cheap, so in my head I thought we shouldn’t spend too much while we were there. That is of course until you get to the souvenir shop which coincidentally just happens to be the last stop before you leave the park.

When we went in I was hard and fast with my ruling that the girls were only to have one toy. €200 later! Yes you read that right! €200 was spent in that shop on toys that most likely have now gone to charity shops or in the bin. Even the lady who took the money from me, I clearly remember looked shock at how much we had spent.

Over the years my older children have cost me a fortune, but I know it’s not there fault. All three of my older children played football and were playing at the same time. At the start of every season they would need new football boots and Astro boots. My plan was always to try and buy the ones that were on sale, but this never ever happened. They would instantly see the latest Ronaldo boots or Astros which would be twice the price, and every time I would give in, and it usually took less than a minute. This would cost me around £250 or more and then I would live in hope that they would last the season. They never did though.

Over the years my five children have learned how to convince me that they must have this or that, interestedly they know exactly how to get around me. Being a soft touch I fall into it every time. My six year old twins are gradually mastering this skill!

Dad has said No! Haha! That means yes!

How often do you say no, then give in, in an instance? I would love to hear.

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