Summer Garden Party For My Six Year Old Twin Girls And Their Friends

With the school summer holidays fast approaching, which are around six weeks long, I thought I would start to plan ahead and decide what sort of things we can arrange and plan. The one thing my six year old twin girls have asked for this particular summer holidays is a garden party where they can see friends and catch up with them and find out what they have been doing during the summer holidays, and I think is a fabulous idea. I have also teamed up with Swizzels the makers of some of our most famous sweets. To make sure… [Read More]

Making The Most Out Of Your Garden This Summer

Your garden, I believe should be enjoyed during the warm summer months, especially if you live in the UK, where the sun can disappear as quickly as it appears. I have always try to minimise the amount of work that is required in the garden. After all I’d rather spend my time playing with the kids in the garden, or sunbathing. Actually there is no chance of that with six year old twins. All I ever hear is “Dad! Come over hear! Let’s play this game or football!” It’s never ending. Sunbathing? Not a chance haha! With my job of… [Read More]

It’s Time To Get Out In The Greenhouse. Summer Is Here

As we enter the month of May, it can mean only one thing. Summer is nearly here! This ultimately means we can all start getting out into the garden on a more regular basis. Basking in the UK’s glorious sunshine, well sometimes! I’m sure you know what I mean! In our home this is great news because we have six year old twin girls who love nothing more than spending most of their time in our garden playing game and running around! However, they also love gardening with mummy and daddy. The most important part of having a successful garden… [Read More]

6 Garden Renovations to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Unless you’re super green-thumbed, the garden is usually the last part of the house to get a makeover when you’re doing things up. But especially if you live in a part of the world that enjoys warm weather, making your garden a great space to spend time in has heaps of benefits – including reducing stress and keeping you physically active. If you’re unsure how to get the best out of your outdoor area, here are some ideas to help you to plan your garden renovation. 1. Patios A classic patio or outdoor decking area is the perfect foundation for… [Read More]

How to Make a Garden Fountain on a Budget

Looking for a crafty way to spruce up your garden? I have just the DIY project for you! Over the last decade, water fountains have become increasingly popular as people realize their importance. Fountains create a calming outdoor oasis to relax in as they give the soothing sound of their water. They also increase the beauty of your garden by adding a new dimension to it, they provide the birds with a nice place to bathe and drink running water, and they also aid in the growth of your flowering plants as they attract more birds who will pollinate the… [Read More]

Time To Get Gardening With Your Kids

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about all the different vegetables we can grow in our garden. There is nothing quite like the taste of freshly homegrown vegetables straight from the garden to the plate. My five year old twin girls love gardening, in fact they have a gardening club at their primary school, which they are hoping to join this year. So this year, I have teamed up with Great Little Garden to create a garden within our garden just for my twin girls to grow their very own vegetables. The girls will have… [Read More]

Summer Is Coming! Time To Prepare Your Garden with LOVEThESIGN

I have always thought that one of the most miserable months of the year is January. It has short days, and it seems forever overcast, with the sun no where in sight. However, even though it’s a cold, dark miserable month, that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable as well. With summer on the way back, you can start preparing your garden for those lovely months of warmer temperatures, long days and the sun shining all day. As I just mentioned even though it’s still winter, you can now start preparing your garden for those warm summer days and… [Read More]

Growing Your Own Fruit & Veg – a Fun & Rewarding Family Activity

There are few better and more rewarding projects to take on at home than growing your own fruit and veg. This brings dozens of benefits and can be a fantastic activity to take on with the kids. Benefits Growing your own fruit and veg can help to lower your grocery bill, encourage healthy eating and help the family to get fresh air and sunshine. For the little ones, it can also teach them important life skills like patience, hard work and how to be self-sufficient. It also tastes much better when it comes from your own hard work! Healthy Eating… [Read More]