Trying To Live A Zero Waste Life

For quite a while my wife and I have become increasingly more aware of the amount of waste that we are dumping on our planet and just what a devastating effect it is having on planet earth. As such, we have decided to try to live a zero waste life. We both feel it’s vitally important for our children so that when they become adults they’ll hopefully inherit a cleaner, more environmentally friendly planet than what it is currently. It’s also vital that we teach our seven old twins now about zero waste so it is passed onto future generations… [Read More]

Making Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Nowadays we have to start to be more aware of the environment and the best place to start is in our home. If we all make little steps to make our homes eco-friendly, this will create a big step to improve the world for all of us, and more importantly for our children and future generations. So here are my tips for trying to make your home just a little bit more eco-friendly. 1. Solar Panels These may be expensive to install, but the long term benefits are huge, especially with cost of the energy you’ll save. Of course you’re… [Read More]