Finding Time For Your GrandParents

This one is all about my 23 year old daughter again. It’s definitely her turn this week. Nowadays we are so quick to criticise the youth, but yesterday I wrote a post about how my daughter works hard and saves her money to enjoy some of the good things in life, and I can’t emphasis how much effort she puts into everything she does. It’s always 110% effort. As I wrote yesterday My Daughter is off to New York Very Soon! Just shows how much she puts into work, so she can do great things like travelling. My mum, her… [Read More]

Old Age Doesn’t Come Alone (My Mum)

My mum has recently been in hospital for quite a lengthy stay and in fact at the time of writing this she has been in hospital for 18 days with no sign at the moment of her being discharged. Sixteen days ago on a Monday teatime I got a call from the alarm people that my mum is linked too to tell me my mum had fallen, this was actually the second fall for her in three days. On arriving and letting myself in I found my mum sitting on the bedroom floor and what struck me initially was the… [Read More]

Generation Z 16-22 Year Olds My View

Generation Z. What exactly is that? Well Radio One produced a survey/report all about Generation Z, who are people aged 16-22 years old. One overwhelming result was the older generation overwhelmingly said they consider 16-22 year olds as lazy, selfish, and obsessed by social media. How wrong could they be? In my opinion, and I think I have the right to express my opinion as I’m a father five children of which three of them are in that age bracket. First of all I will say that there have not been moments when my older three children have  been very… [Read More]

When My Son Gives me a Blank Look.

When I’m talking about past things whether it be music, football etc I find it amusing that what I’m saying is falling on deaf ears and he will give me his blank face look as if to say dad what are you on about. At that moment I realise there is a generation between us and after all why should he know, he is 17 years old? Here are a couple of my favourite moments that brought a smile to my face. I will admit they are usually music or football related. 1. Recently I watched a number of the… [Read More]