Watching My Mum Get Old. It’s Heartbreaking! 

This year my mum wil be 89 years old, and over the last few years her health and well being has taken a dramatic turn for the worst. It’s been a very difficult situation for me to watch as her quality of life is far from good.  About two years ago I wrote how my mum made me sad one day. My mum said to me that she thought she should go in a home. This was really unpleasant to hear, but I also understood where she was coming from. She is lonely and her main source of company is… [Read More]

Mother’s Day 

Today is the day that we celebrate the very reason we are here in the world, our mums.  In my life there are two mums. One is my mum and the other is my wife of whom I have 5 year old twin girls with. I am going to start with my mum. My mum is elderly and every year now I do wonder if this is the last year I will celebrate Mother’s Day with her. It’s hard to put into words what my mum means to me, but I will give it my effort.  My mum has always… [Read More]

What Happens When Your Children Have Children? 

From what I’ve learnt by speaking to other parents, when your children have children it is one of the greatest feelings in the world that you are a grandparent. Of course, it is completely different to when you became a parent as some of the pressure is taken off you by knowing that your children will do a good job at becoming parents, because they will follow your lead and you did not do a bad job at all! Becoming a grandparent is an amazing feeling as you know you have brought your children up well, and that your grandchildren… [Read More]