A Final Post About My Daughter E And University: She Is A Qualified Nurse

It’s been nearly three years since I took my daughter, E, to Southampton to start her university course to study nursing. It actually only seems like yesterday, and I clearly remember how emotional I was at leaving E at her university halls, and the drive back home was lonely. It gave me plenty of time to reflect on how much she had achieved in such a short time, and of course I knew I was going to miss her, and it was tough leaving her a two hour drive away from home, but that’s life and your children grow up… [Read More]

My daughter is home for summer from university

Last Friday I drove down to Southampton university to pick up my 19 year old daughter for the summer holidays. My 21 year old daughter and 17 year old son came with me to surprise their sister and to have a nosey at her new accommodation now that she has moved out of the university halls. She has completed her first year studying for a nursing degree. Nursing is a very different degree course to most university courses. For starters it’s longer and they only get one month off in the summer.  My daughter has settled well into university life… [Read More]

When your child ends up in hospital very sick

In just 48 hours it’s amazing how easily your life can be turned upside down. Especially when it involves your children. It started with M not feeling well and in all honesty it looked like she just had a common cold. On this particular morning she went to nursery with her twin sister R and came home at lunchtime as normal, then it changed she didn’t want her lunch and became tired and started to sleep very rapidly.  My wife took her to the doctors as she wasn’t very well. The GP diagnosed a throat infection and prescribed antibiotics so… [Read More]

M had a simple accident that required surgery

A couple of days ago M trapped her wedding ring finger in the front door. The door was not shut tight, but it cut across the top of the nail and it bled a lot and to be honest it stopped bleeding eventually so we decided not to go to A&E. When M decided around 4.30pm to allow us to look at it we decided it was a nasty cut and to be on the safe side a trip to A&E was needed.  On our arrival we were dealt with by triage very quickly and the first mention of the… [Read More]