Stepping Out From Behind My Blog 

So in a few days time I will be attending my first ever blogging conference,. For many this may not seem like a big deal. For me it’s huge and the reason why is simple. I have never been a particularly confident person which in a large part is due to my childhood. If you get told you are useless enough times, well the truth of the matter is you start to believe it. Basically you stop trying for fear of being told again you are no good. Of course at some point once you grow up and become an… [Read More]

So You Want To Become A Dad 

This year is my 22nd year as a parent. Have I learnt anything along the way? YES! Don’t have children haha! I’m only kidding! It’s been an interesting journey that I have found has had many ups and downs. If I’m honest they have mostly been ups. I have become a dad five times and that is something that I have found to be the most wonderful achievement that I have had in my life. I guess by having five children it was a case of practice makes perfect! The fact that I have an age span of 16 years… [Read More]

My Son is 18 Years Old Today 

I have five children and now three of them are fully grown adults able to do all those things legally. This is one strange feeling. The years seem to fly past. Omg ! I’m getting old, haha!  Today is my son A’s birthday and he is 18 years old if was able to go and pick my son at birth and know what sort of adult he would grow up to be I would of easily picked my son A. He is to me perfect in every way.  It doesn’t seem like yesterday that he was lying in my arms… [Read More]

What and Why I Write 

When I first started blogging just over two years ago, I didn’t have a set idea or plan what I wanted my blog to be and I had not ever really done any writing in my life. I really had no idea how to construct a post that would be engaging, interesting and maybe get readers coming back looking for more.  What I did know was that I was particularly articulate. I’m not a trained journalist or anything vaguely resembling this. I was never going to have a best selling book or win the booker prize for literature.  What I… [Read More]