Some Things You Will Need To Be A Parent: Guess What, They Are Free

We live in a very fast technological world and our children are growing up right in the middle of it. iPads, mobile phones, and every conceivable item of technology is available to them, and incredibly at a cost they can or at least their parents can afford. The other day I read that generation Z is actually boring of technology. They flick through YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, aimlessly looking for something to interest them. All this got me thinking that as a parent what are my own hopes and dreams for my children? I will always be proud whatever they decide… [Read More]

Physical Violence in Relationships 

I recently read a post by Alan at Omg it’s a girl about domestic violence, and that in Ireland there is a campaign underway. The statistics of domestic violence that Alan quoted were massive, but it didn’t surprise me one bit, especially the figures of domestic violence against men by their partners, wive’s or girlfriends. The post brought back some personal unhappy memories for me. Which I hadn’t thought about for a long while, but felt need to write it down. For years the stigma attached to men being abused by the women in their lives has been swept under… [Read More]

Guns and Children 

On channel 4 the other night I watched a programme called the gun shop which was made by the documentary team, Cutting Edge. The show was all about a gun shop in a town in Michigan and it showed the type of customers that walk through the door to purchased guns of all kinds. This show absolutely horrified me and explained without question why so many people lose their lives by being shot in America. The ease of  buying a gun and then having a practice out the back of the shop, handing over the money and then walking out… [Read More]