Whatever Happens Never Forget My Beautiful Children You Complete Me 

When I first started blogging I never had any idea where it would it go or even if I would still be blogging nearly three years later. Well I am, much to my own amazement more than anybody’s!

I never had a plan about what I would write about, but essentially it would be heavily based on my children’s memories and memories they have made while I have been blogging.

One day they may hopefully read the blog and if I am no longer here, they can reminisce and say to each other, “oh, remember that time or this time?” and have a laugh and a joke or possibly shed a tear. Ideally I would like them to know that I loved them with all my heart and having children made me complete as a human being and becoming a dad gave my life a purpose that I will be eternally grateful for.

This post is about all my children and how they have made my life a perfect existence, because being a dad is the most special job in the world. As a job, of course you don’t get paid money, what you do get is love and as they grow a feeling of pride watching them develop and become well, just nice people.

Just over 22 years ago my eldest child, a daughter, J was born. I can vividly remember holding her in my arms for the very first time and thinking, ‘Oh my goodness. I’m a dad!’ It was the most natural feeling in the world to me. It was my purpose in life. Over the years J has made me so proud I could burst. She is driven and knows what she wants and will usually get it. My one bit of advice to my daughter J is to slow down, take your time and all the good things in life will fall in your lap. Love you so much.

Nearly 20 years ago, my second daughter E was born. She weighed just over 5lbs and was the cutest little replica of me ever. She gave me a huge fright when, after arriving home after a few hours, she turned blue and stopped breathing. A stay in hospital was needed to build her strength up. I spent many Sunday afternoons watching her play football, and I know I say it, but what a talent. What makes me so proud of you E is you are the first to go to university and it’s two years in now and one year to go. Love you so much.

How you have stuck at it and improved your results so much in one year. This year is the defining moment in your life. It will shape everything that lies in front of you, of which I know you will be successful. Love you so much.

Just over 18 years ago my son A was born. To have a son or daughter was never important to me. All I wanted for them to be healthy, but when my son was born it was strange because I felt a bit different.

I thought, well my name will carry on and the bloodline won’t cease to exist! What makes A so special is I love his habitual nature. When his mother and I split up he was just four years old and besides staying over on a regular basis, he has always come around on a Saturday and always comes for tea on a Monday after school. I think I can count on one hand how many times he has missed this. His manner and ways are something to behold. He really is the perfect young man. I’m so proud he is going to university to study something that he without question has a huge talent for. Love you so much.

Then I had a huge break. In fact 13 years, but I remarried to the love of my life and we got pregnant, but OMG! Twins! Did it phase me? If I’m honest yes! At times through the pregnancy there were moments of total panic, but we got there and although they arrived six weeks early, R and M were in the world.

I have written many times about their birth, but holding R and M for the first time was an incredible moment. I didn’t think I would be a dad again after having three children, but here I was dad to twin girls. It took me back to that very special moment that indescribable feeling you get when you hold your children for the first time, the unconditional love you feel, the feeling of purpose, happiness that has no limits.

My twin girls certainly gave me lots of scares while in special care. More than I can mention here, but now five and a half years later the girls are healthy and just wonderful to be around. Twins adds a different perspective to parenting. It’s harder to begin with, but gets easier the older they get. The most surreal experience for me was being handed a baby and saying there’s your daughter and then handed another daughter a minute later. It was a really strange feeling.

So this post is all about becoming a dad to five children. I have been so lucky and blessed to have experienced that feeling five times. If any of you ever read this, all I wanted to say was I love you all so very much and you did complete me. You have so far given me a wonderful beautiful life, with many more years to come, and thank you so much for that. Love you all so very much.

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7 thoughts on “Whatever Happens Never Forget My Beautiful Children You Complete Me 

  1. Oh my, you had me crying in this one! What a wonderful heart our children create for us – unknowingly. Nothing can describe it or no one can feel it unless they have a little person to look after and tend to – but it is the most amazing thing ever. Wonderful for your and your fold of five! You wear it well. #TriumphantTales

  2. aww this is such an adorable post, it is so clear through your writing how much you love your children and Im sure they know just how much you love them!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back to on Tuesday.

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