The Twins Turned Five and OMG! They Have Changed 

Just under two weeks ago our twin girls, R and M, turned five years old. Along with turning five I think they had character and personality changes as well.

There was a time when they were four years old all of a fortnight ago that they were the best of friends. Well, I wouldn’t call them bad friends now, but they are learning the art of getting their sister into trouble with mum and dad on a scale that is incredibly irritating to mum and dad!

Some examples of this new found ability of telling tales are:

We are in the kitchen and out comes one of them to tell us that the other hit them. This not only happens once, but well I have lost count and it’s like a tag team. They seem to take it in turns.

When we pick them up from school they are very talkative nowadays, but not about what they did or what they have learnt, not a chance! M said the other day that R and another child were holding her scarf one on each end playing tennis with it. This didn’t seem too bad just unfortunately she was wearing it at the time and M said it was getting tight around her neck.

Another time was M said she had a new friend and her friend had given her a hair clip for the day. I asked R is she your friend too? ‘”No,” she said. So I asked why’s that then and R said because she doesn’t give me anything for the day. Right ok then! I tried to explain that she doesn’t have to do that just to be your friend. If I’m honest it fell on deaf ears.

It seems everyday they find something to about one another to ‘tell on them’. R will say M won’t put her uniform on, and then M will say, R is not eating her tea. The list goes on and on.
What happened two weeks ago? What changed when they became five years old? I’m actually clueless!

There is definitely a move in them stamping their  character and personality. R is definitely trying to be more dominant and whereas before M would put up with it, I think she has woken up and smelt the coffee and is no longer going to do everything that her sister says. R is not coping well with this at all. 

The telling tales to mum and dad starts the moment they wake up until the moment they go to sleep. The constant I’m going to get my sister in trouble with mum and dad is never ending.

The biggest mystery to me is, is this a twin thing or does it happen with siblings in general? It must be at times difficult being a twin. I’m sure that you are exactly the same age and you are competing for the same sort of attention from mum and dad so it must be tough, and of course you will resort to underhanded methods to get that attention and not worry about the consequences of getting your twin into trouble.

Another wonderful change is getting dresssed. R has to have on different clothes on everyday. She cannot wear the same clothes, but M keeps the same clothes on for days and they must go on almost as soon as they wake up. No lounging around in pj’s in this house!

Dealing with this new development in our twins is challenging because is the answer to react to one or both of their whims or when they are crying wolf, or do you ignore it and hope it goes away?

I have come to the conclusion that unless they are beating each other senseless, it’s best to stay out of it, but be a sort of silent referee, just keeping a watchful eye out.

At the tender age of five, the girls are beginning to flex their muscles, stamp out their authority in the world and trying to be the more dominant twin. What amuses me most though is they have no authority. Not yet anyways and the chances are they will do what mum and dad tells them to.

I’m sure most of you looking at the pictures on this post, would think that the girls are perfectly behaved. All I can say is looks are deceiving. Haha! 

As a gentle reminder to anybody that has recently become a parent I guarantee you it’s the easy part because you have total control, and when they are little babies they don’t answer you back. Oh ! I miss those days!

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