4 Easily Solvable Issues:That Are Making Your Bathroom Look A Mess 

Often, we don’t realise just how much of an impact little problems have on the look and feel of our homes. The thing is, we get so used to seeing them that we begin to block them out and don’t realise the impact that they have on how our homes look to others. One room that often gets neglected in terms of maintenance and updates is the bathroom because there’s a common misconception that bathrooms tend to be rather expensive to do up. However, that’s not true – or at least, it doesn’t have to be. Below is a list of five common bathroom issues that are in fact, easy to solve and affordable to deal with too. So there’s no reason to leave these issues to impact the look and feel of your bathroom. 
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Broken shower screen 
Whether your shower screen is cracked, bent out of shape or the hinges are no longer working properly, it’s probably impacting the look and feel of your bathroom. So, depending on how much your shower screen is worth, you need to decide whether to replace it or whether to look into if it’s fixable or not. When it comes to shower screen repairs, a lot of the time they work out a lot cheaper than buying a replacement shower screen. However, whether or not a shower screen can be repaired depends on the damage that has been done to it. 
If limescale has started to take over your bathroom, then you are probably wondering what to do about it. Limescale builds up over time and comes from the water, so anywhere in your bathroom that gets water in it or on it, is at risk of limescale. Well, anywhere that’s made from metal or plastic, that is – bathtubs, shower cubicles and sinks tend to be fine. If you’ve had a limescale problem for a while, the chances are you don’t even notice it anymore, but that doesn’t mean that your guest won’t. The good news is that getting rid of limescale is easy, it’s just a case of using a descaling solution and giving affected surfaces a good scrub. 
Cracked sink 
Has your sink got a visible crack in it? You may not be too worried by the crack, as long as the basin isn’t leaking but the chances are it brings down the look and feel of your bathroom. So, it’s a good idea to look into whether it can be fixed and if so how. If not, then it could be worth looking at what it will cost to replace the basin – it shouldn’t be too expensive, however, it does depend on the design of the basin. 
Because bathrooms are warm, wet places, they are more prone to mold than anywhere else in the house. The problem with mold is that not only does it look horrible, but once you’ve got it, it tends to keep coming back. That is unless the room is properly treated for it and cause of the mold is found – normally it’s due to a lack of ventilation. There are various products that you can buy to get rid of mold, but if it becomes a recurrent problem, it’s probably best to call in a specialist, to ensure that the mold is being treated correctly. 

These issues may not seem like a big deal but they can impact the look and feel of your bathroom, which is why dealing with them promptly is so important. 

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