Protect Your Oil from Theft this Winter

Home heating oil is more vulnerable to theft in the winter months. Of course, the main reason for this is that it’s colder, so there’s more demand for it. If thieves are selling it on they’ll get a better price per litre or if they’re using it for themselves, they’ll be “saving” even more. Thankfully, increased awareness and security in recent years has meant a significant drop in the numbers of oil thefts, but it does still happen. Here’s what you can do to make your tank and its precious contents fresh from Emo Oil safer over the colder months…. [Read More]

Your Most Hated DIY Problems Solved

On this blog, we love DIY. But there are some jobs that just suck. No matter how well you prepare, it always seems as if something goes wrong and ruins your plans. Here are some of the commonest DIY problems out there and what you can do to make your life a bit easier.Sealing Around The Bath Sealing around the bath is important for many reasons. It stops mold from growing in places where you can’t see it, and it prevents water from dripping down the side of the bath into the room below. In other words, it’s essential. However,… [Read More]

Finally Getting Your House’s Exterior To Mirror Its Interior

Whether you’re an avid gardener or not, an overgrown and neglected exterior is a sorry sight. It can ruin the overall appearance of your home even if you’ve spent endless hours working and reworking the interior design of your property to look sleek, clean, and modern. The outside of your home has a huge effect on the inside of your home. The front of your property, in particular, is the first thing your or guests see, and it’s so important that a warm and refreshing sight greets the eye. Here are tips to help you finally get your house’s exterior… [Read More]

4 Easily Solvable Issues:That Are Making Your Bathroom Look A Mess 

Often, we don’t realise just how much of an impact little problems have on the look and feel of our homes. The thing is, we get so used to seeing them that we begin to block them out and don’t realise the impact that they have on how our homes look to others. One room that often gets neglected in terms of maintenance and updates is the bathroom because there’s a common misconception that bathrooms tend to be rather expensive to do up. However, that’s not true – or at least, it doesn’t have to be. Below is a list… [Read More]

Five Tips For Five Rooms In A Child Friendly House 

Your Bedroom Image source First of all, is it ever really possible to turn your bedroom into your own sanctuary if you have children? A lot of parents start their kids’ lives by co-sleeping with them, which means that your bedroom may just have turned into a free for all, for your kids to wander in and out whenever they want to. But it’s important to make sure that you have a chill out zone away from the craziness of your family life. Even if you can’t stop your kids from coming in, make sure that they don’t leave any… [Read More]

Tips For A Family Visit To Sicily

Sicily with Children The Mediterranean island of Sicily is an outstanding place for a family holiday. From water parks to climbing the smouldering Mt. Etna, there are enough activities to keep your children busy for a week. The easiest way to find Sicily on a map is to think of it as the ball the boot of Italy is kicking. Finding it on a map is the easy part, getting there with as many kids as 5 can turn out to be the real challenge. It’s rarely enjoyable dealing with airports, flights and taxis as a couple, but put 5… [Read More]

Dating after divorce

Broken Heart

Dating after a divorce can be a pretty tricky subject matter. I have experience of both divorce and dating after it. I was lucky in that after my divorce, I met my now wife, and knew instantly that it was love. For others though, dating after divorce can be hard. At the time of marrying, you probably never even thought of divorce, but it’s a fact of life that can happen to anyone. After being with someone for so long, meaning that you’ve been out of the dating game for a while, knowing where to start can be a minefield! Thankfully,… [Read More]

My top tips on being Self-Employed

I have been self-employed for a long time as a painter/decorator and yes being your own boss has advantages, but it also has pitfalls. Here are my tips on making self-employment work for you whatever your occupation.  1. Self motivation is vital. It’s the difference between getting work and not getting it. You have to not only sell your ability to do a job well, but also sell yourself. 2. Being self-employed means it’s all down to you. You have to get the work, do the work and everything in between. As a painter/decorator I have to make sure the… [Read More]