What Kind of Professionals Can Beacon Resources Provide for My Company?

When you hire in highly specialised industries sectors, it can be unsettling to think of turning your job search over to a stranger. With Beacon Resources you’re working not with strangers, but with professionals dedicated to finding the talent you need with the traits you desire. Finance and Accounting Staff The majority of Beacon Resources’ hires are in finance and accounting, with placements for positions ranging from payroll specialists to senior treasury managers. Just a few potential hires include: ● Treasury Manager ● Accounting Manager ● Financial Analyst ● Cost Analyst ● Chief Financial Officer ● Tax Accountant ● Pricing… [Read More]

My Pocket Money Toy Subscription Review: (Inc Unboxing Video Of Christmas Eve Box)

When I was recently approached by My Pocket Money Toy to review their boxes, I was instantly intrigued to what it was exactly. The name itself is genius. If you give your children pocket money what better way to teach them to save it up and make somebody happy by sending some gifts in the post, or having a monthly surprise for themselves with the knowledge that they have saved up to treat themselves. I think this is a great way to teach children the value of money, but also that mummy and daddy can’t buy everything for them. My Pocket… [Read More]

Saving Money Doesn’t Mean Skipping Quality

Money makes the world go around, but it also makes parents everywhere rip their hair out! When you have a family, costs of everything go up. The weekly food shopping, the home insurance and even the life insurance policy that you have goes through the roof as you add more children to your growing brood. Due to the fact we live in a world with rising costs but stagnant wages, it’s not unusual to see your shopping get more expensive despite getting less for it. The key to that is to shop around to get the same or better quality… [Read More]

Comepensation Claims: When Could You Be Entitled To Money Owed To You

More of us are more aware of our finances and budgets these days, we are more informed when it comes to big financial decisions which means we are less likely to be taken advantage of as we may have been many years ago. But that doesn’t mean to say we still don’t find ourselves in situations where we are entitled to money to be returned or even compensation. I thought I would share with you some of the situations and compensation claims you could make where you are entitled to some money back to you. Source Being injured in a car… [Read More]

How Cool Would It Be To Be James Bond 

Everybody that knows me, will know that I am definitely a t-shirt, jeans, shorts and flip-flop kind of person. Most people would probably call it scruffy,but the truth is it’s how I am most comfortable. My favourite movie character is without a doubt,  James Bond, and inside of me is a James Bond trying to burst out and why not? How cool would it be, to be James Bond just for the day? What I love about being James Bond for the day is that I would get to drive a top of the range Aston Martin. Plus, I’d have… [Read More]

I’m Taking Five with My Five Year Old Twins this Father’s Day in support of FFA UKs Take Five campaign.

I have been sitting down with my twin girls and talking about fraud especially in the family home this Father’s Day. I asked them if they could draw me something that would be able to prevent tricks being played upon people. This is what they came up with. They both drew uuperheros. The first one is called Superhero Tom and has a cape and belt. My other twin girl drew a superhero and called it Superhero Chris, who has a sword to stop tricks being played on people. Oh, to have the imagination of a child! Have you thought how… [Read More]

3 Tips for Choosing an Accountant for Your Business

The choice of an accountant can impact your business in many ways as significantly as choosing a business partner. Once you’ve made the decision to hire one of these professionals, you’ll want to learn the best steps for choosing an accountant for your business. Remember that it’s in the best interests of your company to hire an accountant with experience in finances and with some qualities that make them a good match for your company overall. One: Decide Whether Location Matters Some companies prefer an accountant who works locally. This provides them with in-person access to the professional. However, many… [Read More]

Drive Your Way To An Extra Income

Credit There is no way of getting away from the fact that we are all feeling a bit for strapped for cash at the minute. The economy isn’t doing too great, and everyone’s purse strings seem to be extra tight! But, you’ll be glad to hear that I’ve been doing some extra research in how to make a bit of cash on the side of my job. And you know what? Your car could be a goldmine! There are quite a few ways you could turn being a car owner into an extra income. Not convinced yet? Read on and… [Read More]