Saving For A Special Holiday

When you are the parents of seven year old twin girls as we are we want to try to give them the best that we can and also create some magical memories that will live on in their minds forever.

One particular memory that they will never forget is our holiday to Disneyland Paris that we went on about a year ago, it took us quite a long time to save the money we needed to make a trip of a lifetime. So it was time to think about our finances and how we could save money to put towards our holiday fund.

I have often wondered if I’m that savvy with money and the truth be told I’m not bad but there is a lot of room for improvement. Recently I came across a financial quiz provided by Sunny Loans on their Good Vibes blog to find out if I know my finances it’s a really quick quiz with just seven questions and before I started it I actually thought this will be a breeze, oh! How wrong was I I managed to only get two questions right. Which means I will be sitting down and working out my finances again to make sure we are finically sound.

I actually wish I had could taken a quiz before starting to save for our Disney trip because I think it would of made it a lot easier, but some of things I did do are below.

1. Fuel bills

Fuel bills in the home can cost a fortune if they are left unchecked and nowadays it’s simple to go online and find the best deal to bring down the fuel bill of any home , which is exactly what we did and we reduced our fuel bill by a third.

2. Food Shopping

The first thing we started to do when it came to our food shopping was to shop online this meant we only brought what we needed and we also brought food to make fresh meals and stayed away from the ready meals which cost a fortune and quite often end up in the bin because they go out of date, this was brilliant because we were not tempted to buy items that we would normally see in the shop.

3. Sell Unwanted Items you Have

This was easily the biggest way that we were able to increase our holiday fund for Disney. Like a lot of people we had so many unused toys that the girls had grown out of and electrical items or tech that could be sold and it was a great way to make some money and get us on our dream trip.

4. Shop For Clothes In The Sales

Clothes shopping can be so expensive and of course kids always want the latest fashions and brands, but a great way for kids to have that is to wait for the sales and yes believe me you will save a fortune.

These were just a few ways that we used to save money and help our holiday fund. I’m sure their are so many more.

What do you do to save money for a special occasion or trip I would love to hear in the comments below.

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