Cleaning Up After The Builders Have Gone

The cost of moving home or upgrading to a larger home can be very expensive. There are many reasons why people need to upsize. Perhaps because you need more room such as an extra bedroom etc. Whatever you decide it can be very expensive. Sometimes you may not want to move away from the area you live. Perhaps because of the school that your children attend and the upheaval of moving could your family could easily upset their studies, especially if they are in high school.

A lot of people nowadays have found a way around the problem of having to move to get a bigger home. Extending your existing home to maybe add a new bedroom or possibly two bedrooms is a common choice. This means everybody in the family can have a little more living space.

So, now that you have made the decision to extend your existing home that’s going to come with a lot of upheaval and mess. Obviously this is understandable considering what has to be done. After all you will have builders going through your house for possibly weeks on end.

Nowadays one of the most popular extensions or improvements people have to their homes is to convert the attic into bedrooms and possibly adding an en-suite as well as somewhere to escape from the kids with your wife or husband! With this type of extension it will mean that the roof will need to be totally readjusted, especially if you want windows rather than skylights fitted. So lots of mess will be created by the simple fact that for a few weeks part of the roof could be missing.

Another very popular extension is to extend the house outwards, maybe across the driveway. This could be to give an extra bedroom and possibly extend the kitchen on the ground floor. You may even decide to extend outwards to the rear garden to make a larger ground floor. Whatever your decision about the type of extension you decide upon to make your home larger, which will hopefully give you a better living environment for your family, one thing is for certain. It is going to create an enormous amount of dust and mess because the builders will be working from outside the house, but will also need to work inside the house, and it doesn’t matter how many dust sheets that the builders put down, there will always be a mess all over the place.

It’s important to prepare for the time when the job has been completed and getting a specialist company that are experts in after builders cleaning so that you can start to enjoy your new extension to your property. It’s important to book them in advance to come in and give your home the thorough clean it deserves.

Once the new extension is finished it will definitely be surprising to you just where the dust will settle. You’ll find it on top of door frames, on the doors, on top of your kitchen units, in fact wherever you look I guarantee you there will be dust to be found.

The last thing you want is to spend six weeks cleaning and more cleaning every weekend or after work every night when all you have to do is arrange for a cleaning company to sort it all out as soon as the extension to your property is finished.

Have you had or are you thinking of having an extension to your property? Would you get a professional cleaning company in once the job is completed? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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