Comepensation Claims: When Could You Be Entitled To Money Owed To You

More of us are more aware of our finances and budgets these days, we are more informed when it comes to big financial decisions which means we are less likely to be taken advantage of as we may have been many years ago. But that doesn’t mean to say we still don’t find ourselves in situations where we are entitled to money to be returned or even compensation. I thought I would share with you some of the situations and compensation claims you could make where you are entitled to some money back to you.


Being injured in a car accident

One of the most common compensation claims we hear about is through car accidents and injury obtained through them. Of course, this may seem like people are starting to take advantage of this system, but there are some cases where genuinely you have every right to be owed compensation for the car accident you were involved in, that wasn’t your fault. If you look online, you can find a car accident compensation calculator to help you determine exactly what you may be entitled to. Thankfully, many law firms work off a no win no fee basis, so only tend to take on cases where compensation is due.

Was you plane delayed on your last holiday?

Many people don’t realise that if your plane is delayed when going on holiday that you may be entitled to some form of compensation from it. This won’t be the case if your plane was five minutes late onto the runway, these delays are more hours, not minutes. But a lot of people take the words from the airline and tour operator and leave it at that. But in these situations, they should provide you food, water, even a place to stay if the delay is longer than a day. Know your rights and check your terms and conditions. You could even still be owed from a plane delay months ago.

Did you suffer from food poisoning on holiday?

This might be a relatively new way to gain compensation, but legitimate. A hotel or holiday complex where you have paid for them to provide food have a duty of care to uphold their side of the bargain. This may be more to do with full board or all-inclusive packages. So if the food they provide is not up to health standards, causing you to be ill on your holiday, then you could be entitled to s form of compensation for that. There is more information online if you look for it.

When you are mis-sold financial products

You may be sick to death of PPI calls or adverts on the local radio, but the truth is, many people are owed hundreds and even thousands in payments that were taken without their agreement or knowledge. Of course, being mis-sold financial products isn’t specific to just PPI, you could have been mis-sold insurance and finance products when buying a car. You may have taken out accident cover or critical illness on loans or credit cards without signing demands and needs statements. This is when you have to become a little more savvy with your spending and see if you are genuinely entitled to any refunds back. You might be surprised.

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