Easter Break: Summer Is Nearly Here! YAY! 

I love summertime because my job as a painter and decorator is made much easier with lovely sunny weather in planning my work and it hopefully works out on the dates I plan.

Firstly though with Easter just behind us, this always makes me feel that much closer to summer and seeing the back of winter and it’s terrible weather so I thought I would give a quick update of my Easter break.

The twins were definitely ready for a break from school. They had only had one week off since Christmas and it’s so easy to forget that this is their first year in full-time school, which is quite a change for little ones.

The twins had plenty of day trips out during the Easter break including days out at farms and they bottle fed baby lambs which was a new experience for them. Generally the Easter break was quite laid back and we didn’t do too much and this year. We also kept Easter eggs to a minimum.

My oldest daughter was back from university for a couple of weeks and it was fantastic to catch up with her and also for her twin sisters to spend some time with her because they miss her when she is away.

On Monday the twins started back at school and both were talking about missing school and their friends which is wonderful to hear. Although I would say R was missing school more. So I didn’t envisage any problems on the morning before going to school. How wrong was I!

My five year old twins needed new school shoes so they went to Asda with their mummy during the holidays. The girls picked exactly the same pair of shoes which were plain black and had a picture of Elsa from Frozen inside the shoe. For M that’s absolutely ok as she loves Frozen. It did surprise me that R picked the same ones because she has more of a superhero taste, but there is no chance of getting girls shoes like that in  gender stereotyping Asda! In fairness to their mummy she checked numerous times that they were ok with R, to which she replied with a resounding, Yes!

The girls changed into their uniforms for school and put their new shoes on. All ok so I thought, then R said my shoes are uncomfortable and promptly started crying and getting upset. I knew instantly what the problem was. It was Elsa inside the shoe.

Welcome to my black Sharpie pen! I suggested we colour Elsa out to which R agreed. Yes, amazingly the shoes became very comfortable to wear and the crying instantly stopped! Problem solved! Oh, I wish it was that easy every time with every issue young children give you.

The summer term is now under way and there is plenty for the twins to look forward to. We have sports day in the middle of May and I must confess I’m really looking forward to that. I do love kids sports day at school. They also have a school trip to a farm about 30 miles away and the girls do love farms. The big one is our trip to Disneyland Paris in June. A trip of a lifetime.

Summer is without a doubt my favourite season of the year day trips are a pleasure, beach trips without hopefully the fear of rain, but then again this is the UK and there is no guarantee of good weather haha!

Even so roll on summer and let’s enjoy those long nights sitting outside having barbecues and loads of family time together.

What is your favourite season of the year? Would love to hear your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “Easter Break: Summer Is Nearly Here! YAY! 

  1. Totally agree! Summer is my favourite time of the year. It’s the little things like being able to get up and leave the house in the morning without needing a coat! Light nights and like you say, sitting in the garden with family and friends. I can’t wait! Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales, hope to see you back on Tuesday xx

  2. There is something so magical about summer, it brings the best out of everyone I think! I personally love spring as it starts getting warmer but its not uncomfortable heat (being pale and ginger the strong sun doesnt bode well with me)
    Im so jealous of your trip to Disney! I cant wait to take Ben there when he’s older.
    Thank you for linking up to #TriumphantTales, I hope to see you back again next week

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