A Kitchen Makeover With Healthy Eating In Mind

If you want a fresh new look for your kitchen,you might worry about the cost of plumbers and electricians. However, there is plenty you can do on your own. You can create the new look you want that will encourage you all to spend more time in the kitchen. A kitchen makeover might also be just the thing to kick-start a new healthy eating plan. Here are just a few of the ideas I’ve looked into when it comes to getting the look I want as well as the tech I need for the family to eat well:


We all know that a fresh coat of paint can brighten up any room. Starting with this could give you just enough to feel like you’ve got a lovely new kitchen. Did you know that you can find special paint to coat the cupboard doors? If you’re not keen on those wooden finishes anymore, why not give them a fresh colour? You can also stencil your own design to create a bespoke look. Pick colours you know will perk up your appetite for the fresh stuff, like apple greens and lemon yellows.


These are easier to replace than you think. Some DIY stores will even cut them to shape and size for you while you wait. You may need to buy a special sealant to ensure they are effective against spills when you replace them. This is handy for attaching the correct join strips and connecting with your tiles. Don’t forget to finish the cut edges with extra strips of coated laminate edging. Now you can adorn your lovely new worktop with a good quality knife block for chopping all those healthy vegetables.

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Appliances & Gadgets

Look for countertop gadgets and gizmos that you will actually use. If you love easy cooking, then look for the healthier options each time. A slow cooker is great for health casseroles. Just throw in your vegetables (even the frozen ones) and sealed meat. Leave it for a few hours and eat when ready. If you love chips and other deep-fried foods, why not check out the latest top ranked air fryers as a healthier alternative? They sit on the countertop neatly and offer a quick and easy approach to cooking. Finally, give pride of place to your food processor. Pick one that can handle grating, chopping, blitzing and mixing. You’ll always have the tools you need for healthy smoothies, nut butter, chopped vegetables and grated salads. You may find the best vacuum sealer to keep your raw or cooked food fresh for a longer time


If you’ve got a drill with a good range of bits, you can upgrade your cabinet kick boards. Remove them carefully and simply drill holes in the board at regular intervals. Now you can run some LED lights behind the cabinets, inserting them into the kickboard holes. These often plug simply into a standard three-pin socket, so no need for an electrician. Alternatively, run the sticky strips of LEDs you can find at the DIY store along the bottom of the cabinets. The better light should encourage more cooking!

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More Choices

If you are creating extra worktop space in your kitchen, you will have far more choice about your cooking options. You’ll have your hob in place and your built-in oven, so where will your microwave go? The microwave oven is so handy if you like to save money by batch cooking. Simply cook extra portions of your favourite healthy dishes. Freeze each extra portion in a microwavable pot and then reheat when you need a healthy home-cooked meal in a hurry.

Bread is so expensive these days. You could save a fortune and spare your family from all those horrible additives by baking your own bread at home. These little bread ovens don’t cost much or take up much space. They’ll mix, knead and bake your family loaf in about three hours. Fancy waking up to that freshly baked bread smell? Set it to run overnight and enjoy warm bread or toast every morning. You can also create homemade healthy pizza dough in there.

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Soup makers have become very popular. All you need to do is throw in your healthy vegetables, meat or any other ingredients from your favourite recipes. They are about kettle sized and will smooth out the lumps to create a wonderful hot soup. Pour into a thermos for a healthy lunch or serve as part of your family main meal.

Cleaning Up

Each of these appliances can be put away in your cupboards until you need them. Most of them are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning too. Not got a dishwasher? If you have the plumbing in place, it is quite easy to connect it all up yourself. Some retailers will help you with this when they deliver it. If you don’t have the plumbing in place, consider having someone put it in for you. It saves you so much time and can offer a much more hygienic clean with less water. Best of all, it’s somewhere to store all your dirty pots and dishes to keep that lovely new kitchen clutter free! When it’s full, set it to wash – it will do everything for you.

Cleaning up after a busy day of preparing meals can be so tiring. Unless, of course, you have a robot vacuum and mop! Yes, such things exist that will tackle your floors for you without you having to lift a finger. Of course, they may need emptying every so often. Best of all, they cost far less to run than a mains powered vacuum cleaner because they do all their work on battery power. They’ll even head back to their docking station to charge without you having to intervene. Healthy eating without the mess? Perfect.

Finishing Touches

To add those finishing touches to your kitchen makeover consider replacing the cupboard and drawer handles. You can take off the tiles and use a perspex splashback instead for a bit more colour and convenience. Spend more time in your good looking kitchen by adding a comfy sofa and family table. Why not pick up a bright new fruit bowl and keep it stocked to encourage more healthy snacking? Which changes to your kitchen would encourage your family to enjoy more healthy home-cooked food?

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