Tips On Treating Your Garden With A Makeover

When it comes to the garden, many households can have a love/hate relationship with it. Unless you have a passion for gardening, it can seem like a constant struggle to keep your outdoor space looking nice all year round. So here are some useful tips on treating your garden with a makeover. Image Source Use Flowers And Plants That Are Manageable Let’s admit it, flowers and plants, in general, can be difficult to maintain because they all require a different level of care. So whether you spend hours in the garden or merely minutes, invest in flowers and plants that… [Read More]

Finally Getting Your House’s Exterior To Mirror Its Interior

Whether you’re an avid gardener or not, an overgrown and neglected exterior is a sorry sight. It can ruin the overall appearance of your home even if you’ve spent endless hours working and reworking the interior design of your property to look sleek, clean, and modern. The outside of your home has a huge effect on the inside of your home. The front of your property, in particular, is the first thing your or guests see, and it’s so important that a warm and refreshing sight greets the eye. Here are tips to help you finally get your house’s exterior… [Read More]

Renovating Our Office Space At Home 

My wife and I are self employed and consequently we need a shared office space in our home. We are lucky enough to live in a big enough property to allow us to have an office of a reasonable size. I’m a painter and decorator and often have clients visit me to discuss colours and designs. It is much easier for me that they visit because I can show them on a computer what their ideas will look like and we can discuss colours, because as you can imagine there are thousands of colours to choose from nowadays. My wife… [Read More]

A Kitchen Makeover With Healthy Eating In Mind

If you want a fresh new look for your kitchen,you might worry about the cost of plumbers and electricians. However, there is plenty you can do on your own. You can create the new look you want that will encourage you all to spend more time in the kitchen. A kitchen makeover might also be just the thing to kick-start a new healthy eating plan. Here are just a few of the ideas I’ve looked into when it comes to getting the look I want as well as the tech I need for the family to eat well: Painting We all… [Read More]

The Perfect Playroom Project

Every new father wants to do his part for the child making their arrival, and as we can’t grow the babies in the way that the mother can, DIY is generally our best avenue. Building cots, setting up rocking chairs and painting the nursery is the way to be as prepared as we can be. A little pride in a project never hurt anyone and when your child outgrows the nursery you so lovingly put together, you need to think of the next one. Image Source If you are lucky enough to have the space for a separate playroom in… [Read More]

Five Tips For Five Rooms In A Child Friendly House 

Your Bedroom Image source First of all, is it ever really possible to turn your bedroom into your own sanctuary if you have children? A lot of parents start their kids’ lives by co-sleeping with them, which means that your bedroom may just have turned into a free for all, for your kids to wander in and out whenever they want to. But it’s important to make sure that you have a chill out zone away from the craziness of your family life. Even if you can’t stop your kids from coming in, make sure that they don’t leave any… [Read More]

Garden makeover for summer

With summer fast approaching I am really looking forward to using the garden. My wife has already made a start on growing some vegetables as she’s started to sow some seeds with our twin girls. One of their favourite things to do is to water them, although sometimes they can get a bit carried away! I have four year twin girls and they love being outdoors. We have a lovely enclosed garden for them to play in as the weather improves. It really is lovely to start being able to use the garden at night time as well as during… [Read More]

Room Makeover. My Way with Homebase

Before and After Before and After A few weeks ago we moved into a three bed bungalow. It’s a huge improvement on our previous home, but it needed a few improvements to make it feel more like home. Did you know that most homeowners think DIY is about creating a look or style in their own home without expert help. That’s according to recent research conducted by Homebase. What’s more consumers are increasingly using ‘friendspiration’ to achieve their look 55% of shoppers say they use friends (offline and online) to get ideas for styles, products and colours. I tend to… [Read More]