Easter Break: Summer Is Nearly Here! YAY! 

I love summertime because my job as a painter and decorator is made much easier with lovely sunny weather in planning my work and it hopefully works out on the dates I plan. Firstly though with Easter just behind us, this always makes me feel that much closer to summer and seeing the back of winter and it’s terrible weather so I thought I would give a quick update of my Easter break. The twins were definitely ready for a break from school. They had only had one week off since Christmas and it’s so easy to forget that this… [Read More]

My Converse Christmas Wishlist

Regular readers of my blog know I have five children. Three of which are teenagers. Over the years certain items, either clothes or shoes have been the must have item. In a way I always felt a bit sorry for them because if they didn’t have certain items of clothing or shoes, they would feel left out within their circle of friends. Of course as a parent you always did your best to buy what they wanted, but with five children you simply can’t afford everything. Thank goodness at Christmas you can push the boat out and spoil them all… [Read More]