Five Best Workout Tips For The Fall

Did you miss out on a beach body this year? Or are you thinking of getting into shape before the holiday season begins? The fall may be a time for a change in your workout routine, and with the beautiful reds and oranges all around you, it’s the perfect time to get out and get active. So kick up some leaves, breathe in the cool crisp air, and head on out to get yourself in shape this season. Here are our top five workout tips for fall 2017.

1. Take advantage of the weather. Fall is the perfect time of year to take your fitness regime outside. It’s not too hot or too cold for a good workout. Brisk walking, hiking, cycling, and even skating are all great ways to burn calories and build muscle. If the snow falls early in your area, it’s also the perfect time to grab your skis or your snowboard and take to the slopes. Beaches tend to be less crowded during the fall months which makes them a great place for a game of volleyball, frisbee, or even just a run with your four-legged friend. However you choose to make the most of the fall weather, remember that any outdoor activity is good for both your physical and mental well-being.

2. Hit the gym. With the panic to get a beach body now passed, you should find that your local gym starts to see less people, thus becoming much more usable and intimidating. If you’re looking to build muscle, a dose of testosterone supplements and a less crowded weightlifting area will get you on your way in no time. As your fellow gym bunnies start to look toward the holiday seasons and all of the opportunities for partying that it may bring, you can reap the rewards of a quiet workout to get in shape before the holidays temptations surround you.

3. Turn outdoor chores into exercise. Who says yardwork has to feel like a chore? Raking leaves for an hour can burn over 150 calories and is a full body workout, using your legs, arms, shoulders, and core muscles. Try your hand at gardening with all those delicious vegetables like pumpkins and squashes. Even a short walk with your dog will keep you energized and burning calories throughout your day.

4. Join a sports team. Many teams start looking for new recruits during the fall. Traditional winter sports like basketball or ice hockey start to train this time of year to get them ready for the season ahead. Football games are everywhere and may be just the inspiration you need to get out there and join a team and get training. Team sports offer a great way to stay in shape while also being highly motivational as you strive to compete against others. There are loads of team sports that really come into their own this time of year—just check out what is offer where you live and join in.

5. Try something different. With the kids back at school and the daily routine back to normal after the summer break, fall is the perfect time to give something different a shot. If you have ever considered taking up dancing, speed walking, or even taking part in an endurance event, now is the perfect time to give it a go. From kayaking to trail bikes, tap dancing to marathon running, fall is ripe for new beginnings. Don’t leave it until the new year to embark upon a new you, get ahead of the crowd this fall.

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