My Superhero and Princess have joined Rainbows

My twin girls will turn six years old on their next birthday which is at the beginning of next year. Up until now we have only dabbled in after school activities.

We tried football, but unfortunately that ended in tears after about 15 minutes, and needless to say we never went back. Amazingly R always says she wants to play football, but when it comes to the moment of starting she simply doesn’t go through with it. M tried ballet lessons, and this did last a few weeks, but I think because R was adamant she did want to do it, M lost interest and so that was the end of that.

About two years ago we put the girls names down for Rainbows. Where does the time go? Anyway we had an email saying they had spaces available and would the girls like to come along.

Rainbows, as most people know is exclusively for girls as Beavers is exclusively for boys. This was going to be interesting. R being the little superhero she is instantly said I don’t want to do girl things and I hate pink! Okay R, but, I actually think you may have this wrong as they do crafts and other thing. Plus they can earn badges and I’m sure it will be loads of fun we told her, but she was hesitant that’s for sure. Strangely she saw the shirt they wear for Rainbows and actually said she liked it, so that was a plus.

M on the other hand was looking forward to going straight away, although being the princess she is, I’m convinced she thought it was all about fairies and unicorns with it being called Rainbows. Haha!

Rainbows is the first real time the girls have started an out of school activity or club, although it’s very early days I’m hoping they both begin to really enjoy it. They are getting to that age when they probably need to be away from Mum and Dad for just a while to start developing their independence, and hopefully start fine tuning their social skills away from us. Time will tell if they continue, I’m hoping they will.

Rainbows is girls only the same as beavers is boys only, and it is one of rare times that I think it’s ok to have these groups with a gender divide. It makes sense as eventually the girls could possibly move onto brownies and eventually girls guides. Thankfully they’re not stuck in the 1950’s, so they’re hopefully going to encourage our young girls to be very successful women.

One really interesting thing I have noticed and this is related to twins, although one or the other might moan about having to do something that the other wants to do, invariably they always both decide to do the same thing, which for-the moment is how Rainbows is working out. Although I’m guessing it won’t last forever. One will be going left and the other right!

Would love to know your thoughts.

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