How to Make a Garden Fountain on a Budget

Looking for a crafty way to spruce up your garden? I have just the DIY project for you!

Over the last decade, water fountains have become increasingly popular as people realize their importance. Fountains create a calming outdoor oasis to relax in as they give the soothing sound of their water.

They also increase the beauty of your garden by adding a new dimension to it, they provide the birds with a nice place to bathe and drink running water, and they also aid in the growth of your flowering plants as they attract more birds who will pollinate the plants.

So, now that I have you hooked on the idea of a garden fountain, you are probably wanting to know the answer to the big question…

How much does something like this cost?

Well, depending on the size of the garden fountain you are looking to install, the cost to purchase an already assembled garden fountain could range from the lower hundreds to the low thousands.

But, don’t worry. I didn’t have you imagine the beauty of a garden fountain at your home just to let you down like that…

You can easily create your own garden fountain for the lower end of the cost, ranging from right under $100 to closer to $300. Not to mention, the valuable skills you will learn along the way and the pride you will feel when it is finally completed.

Your garden fountain will be up and running in just a few simple steps!

DIY Instructions

The required tools for this project:

• Shovel

• Circular saw with diamond blade

• Level

• Safety glasses

• Cold chisel

• Utility knife

• Leather gloves

The required material for this project:

• Urethane foam

• Silicone caulk

• Aquatic plants

• About four bags of sand

• Large ceramic pot with drainage hole (around a 3- to 6-gallon capacity)

• A submersible pond pump (200-gallon-per-hour pump)

• ½” threaded PVC shutoff

• 6’ black tubing (check pond pump to ensure correct size)

• Two 3/8” (outside diameter) plastic barbed x ½” threaded coupling

• Flagstones (minimum of 12)

• 8” concrete deck pier

• 6” x 8” x 12” concrete block

All materials can be purchased at your local garden supply store or home center.

One idea for sprucing up your garden is to add labeled cards to your plants – this is an easy way to keep maintenance instructions handy and always know exactly what each plant is.

Now for the fun part – let’s build a pond:

Step 1

Start by setting the pond shell.

Plan to leave about a 5 x 5-ft. area for your pond once the flagstones have been laid around it. Also, ensure you leave a GFCI outlet nearby for the garden fountain pump.

Place a few inches of tamped-down sand in a hole then place the plastic pond on top. Next, fill the edges with additional sand.

Step 2

Now it is time to construct the fountain.

Your ceramic pot can sit above or below the water, but constructing the fountain comes by running the tube through the drainage hole of your chosen ceramic pot from your submersible pump.

Start by placing a concrete block in the bottom of the pond and then set a deck pier on top. Next, add water to the pond. Fill until it is partially full to ensure that it is fully settled in the sand below.

Cut some tubing – around 3-ft. length – and push it through the hole located on the bottom of the ceramic pot. Use silicone caulk to seal the hole and leave it to dry. Your black tubing will be used to cut back on the growth of algae.

Be sure to place a shutoff between the pot and the pump to stop the water from going back into the pond and causing it to overflow.

Step 3

All that remains in this step are the finishing touches.

Use the remainder of your flagstone to lay around the edge of the pond. Place your aquatic plants in the water and your new garden fountain is ready to go!

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