Keeping Your Home Cosy And Warm During

It seems that our winters are getting colder year on year and it really is not unusual for temperatures to drop well below freezing on a regular basis. It also pretty common now to have snow right across the country every year.

When I get home from work all I want is to walk into a nice warm and cosy home. When you shut the front door, you want to shut out the cold winter months and curl up on the sofa in a lovely warm home. So, the last thing you want is for your home to not be as warm as it could be. Here are a few ideas to help keep your home stay warm throughout winter.

1. Radiators

Most homes now have a form of central heating which involves having radiators in each room, but you may wonder if they’re working to optimum performance. If you feel the radiator when the central heating is on if a part of the radiator is cold that will mean there is air in the system. It is easy to solve this with a simple solution that the radiator needs bleeding. This is a simple two-minute job, and once done the room where the radiator is will feel lots warmer and of course, you will feel the benefit.

2. Central Heating Pumps

Another great way of keeping your house warm this winter is by using a central heating pump. This basically is a heat pump that will efficiently send hot water around your home from the boiler to all of your radiators and then back to your boiler. Browsing online is often the best way to shop and central heating pumps are no exception. A great place to visit is Heating and Plumbing World to find a central heating pump that suits your home and budget.

Another thing a central heating pump will eliminate is if you have maybe two shower rooms as a lot of homes do nowadays and a bath, quite often if one shower is being used the other shower will feel like it is lacking pressure. A central heating pump can help to alleviate that problem. It can also help if the water supply pressure is not at its best and this will enable you to have both showers working at the same time.

3. Cavity Wall insulation/loft insulation

So much heat is lost through the walls and roof of any property so it’s important to have the cavity wall and loft insulated. Nowadays there are also government grants available to help with the cost of loft and cavity wall insulation, so there is no excuse not to use this to keep your home lovely and warm in the winter months.

4. Central Heating Maintenance

Keeping your central heating in perfect working order is essential and I would highly recommend you have a yearly check on your boiler to make sure it has no problems and is in tip top condition. It’s a small cost for peace of mind that your boiler is working properly.

5. Drafts

All homes have draughts, and this can result in you losing heat from your home. A very inexpensive way to solve this is to fit draft excluders to any doors that lead to the outside, for example, your front or back door. Teaching your children to shut doors also helps to keep the heat in. I know that’s a difficult one because kids never close a door behind them. Well, at least they don’t in our house. Haha!

So that’s my tips for keeping your home warm and cosy during the cold winter months.

If you have any tips, I would love to hear in the comments below.

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