The Tell-Tale signs That Your Radiators Need Bleeding

If you notice your home isn’t getting as warm as usual, or if you’ve had complaints from your tenants that the central heating isn’t working, there may be a very simple explanation. Some radiators need bleeding every so often to release the air trapped in the system. When there is air in the system, this takes the place of the hot water. This means that your radiators won’t be as warm as they should be and you might notice cold spots. Thankfully, there is often a simple solution to the problem. But first, you need to know how to recognise… [Read More]

Keeping Your Home Cosy And Warm During

It seems that our winters are getting colder year on year and it really is not unusual for temperatures to drop well below freezing on a regular basis. It also pretty common now to have snow right across the country every year. When I get home from work all I want is to walk into a nice warm and cosy home. When you shut the front door, you want to shut out the cold winter months and curl up on the sofa in a lovely warm home. So, the last thing you want is for your home to not be… [Read More]

The Importance Of Getting The Right Central Heating For Your Home

I have grown up in a world where I have never lived in any house that has not had central heating. In fact I often wonder how I would cope if I had to live in a home that doesn’t have central heating. I don’t like the winter months, especially in the UK where it can get very cold. There is no doubt that our central heating works very hard to keep us warm during winter. It is very important to me that we have the best possible central heating system in our home so whenever I have moved to… [Read More]

Panel Or Storage Heater – Which Is The Right Choice For Me?

Panel or Storage Heating – Which is which? Storage heating comes in the form of bricks or ceramics. They store heat at night when electricity is less expensive. Panel heating contains oil but relies on electricity to create heat quickly and, because they’re oil-filled, they retain heat even when not being used. Digging deeper: Storage heating: Storage heaters work best with Economy 7 heating. They generate electricity for 7 hours over the course of the night when costs are lower. They use this time to recharge, then store heat which is then slowly and gradually distributed throughout the day. It’s… [Read More]

Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

We are now well and truly heading into the depths of winter and the temperatures are beginning to fall dramatically. I always know when the colder weather is upon us because when you go out early in the morning there’s always a layer of ice on the windscreen of the car, and you have to spend 30 minutes defrosting it! Keeping warm quickly becomes a priority and nowhere else is this need more pronounced than in the home. With this in mind, I have put together a selection of the most effective techniques for keeping your home warm. 1. Insulation… [Read More]

Warming Up My Home Quicker With The Stanton RadBooster #Ad

Winter is coming and after the glorious summer we have just had with wall to wall sunshine, it is going to be hard to get used to the fact that we will be turning on the heating everyday again to warm our house. So when I was approached by Stanton RadBooster to try out their product I instantly thought yes, that will be perfect for my home. Our lounge is nearly 30 foot long and 15 foot wide. It does actually have two radiators in the room, but it seems to take forever to warm up completely, and this happens… [Read More]

Heating Your Home: Gas Or Electric?

If you live in a country like the UK, which I do, then unfortunately you have to put up with many months of cold weather. In fact, the temperature rarely raises above zero degrees for quite possibly three to four months in a year. Also, there is no doubt that sometimes in the summer months it can get cold, so you need to take the chill off in your home. With smart technology in the home now becoming more available, it’s fantastic that you can turn your heating on before you arrive home, so that when you do get home… [Read More]

Tips For Removing A Radiator When Decorating

Over the years I have often been asked to remove radiators before decorating. As such this is now second nature to me, but there was a time when I first became self-employed as a painter and decorator that I didn’t quite know what I was doing. On one such occasion many years ago I was decorating a kitchen and I had to wallpaper all the walls. You can of course just wallpaper around so that you just pass the radiator. and the chances are nobody would know any different. For me that’s simply not good enough. I’m a perfectionist and for… [Read More]