My Heart/Health Scare

This week has been interesting to say the least. I woke up last Saturday or Sunday with a pain in my chest around the heart area, but being me, I ignored it and thought well it will go away I’m sure.

Four days later the pain was not going away. In fact, if anything it seemed to be getting worst. I’m not the sort of person that rushes to the doctors, but this was beginning to worry me a little bit so I rang the GP for an emergency appointment on Wednesday. After a short consultation, the GP suggested I go to the hospital as all the pain was centred around my heart and my blood pressure was sky high. In fact as she said dangerously high with a possible heart attack.

She wanted me to have an aspirin and send me to hospital in an ambulance. I decided against that, mainly because I thought it was a huge waste of resources and somebody else was probably in a much greater need than me. I was breathing and walking so I decided to drive home so my wife could take me down to our hospital.

On arriving at the hospital, panic set in. What if I’m really having a heart attack? Not possible I was thinking. I’m too young. Foolish thoughts because it really doesn’t matter how old you are, heart attacks can happen to anybody, anytime, any age.

While I was sitting with my wife waiting to see a doctor, many thoughts started to go through my mind. The first and foremost thought was that I really don’t want a heart attack. I have a good life now, a beautiful wife and five amazing children. This really started to strike home, how fragile that everything in life is. I went from a GP’s appointment to hospital in an hour, very scary.

On arriving at hospital I was given an ECG which came back relatively normal. Bloods were taken for testing, and my blood pressure was taken which was still crazy high, and finally I had a chest x-ray. I was examined by a doctor and then it was a waiting game to wait for results.

The chest x-ray came back clear and the second ECG came back as normal. The first set of bloods show a possible problem that there could be damage to my heart, so they needed to take more bloods to rule out any damage to the heart. My mind started to work overtime and worry the crap out of me. A lot of ‘what if’ scenarios started to grow through my mind.

Sitting here waiting for results certainly focuses your mind, or at least it did mine. I have so much to do with my life and quite honestly I’m not ready to go anywhere, not just yet.

The thought of possibly leaving my wife on her own is unbearable and not one I want to think about too much.

I want see all my children settled and happy with their chosen paths in life. My twin girls are only five years old, and the thought that they would go through their childhood without me, their dad, by their side it breaks my heart to even think about it.

The reality of the situation is we are not indestructible, which is something I always thought I was. If I was to have a serious medical condition it impacts much further than you realise. Your family dynamics would change forever. Which is what this day has taught me.

Life is very fragile and incredibly unpredictable and there is no doubt that we take it for granted that we think we are all going to live forever. The truth is we are not and that reality was brought home to me with a bang on this particular day.

The conclusion of my health scare is that I was not having a heart attack, thank god! The pains in my chest were more than likely muscular. In an ideal world that would have been the end of it, but that’s not the case.

During the day my blood pressure was taken on a regular basis, and this was where the problem was. My blood pressure was so high that I was in serious risk of having a stroke. This shocked me to the core. I genuinely thought that only happened to very old people. Which of course now I know it doesn’t, absolutely anybody can have a stroke.

I finally saw the consultant at the hospital at about 7pm in the evening and he explained that my blood pressure needed to be kept under control and that would be done via medication. To stop any future problems, my ECG had shown signs that my very high blood pressure had caused damage to my heart, but time would sort that out. Relief at last started to come over me that the problem was being solved.

The whole day has taught me a valuable lesson. First of all if you don’t feel as you would normally, go and see the doctor and don’t put it off for days as I did. Secondly don’t take life for granted, because it can be taken away from you in a split second. This is something I have never thought about before, but I will in the future that’s a definite.

Overall the whole day was a scary day that really put so many things into perspective in my life, because I want to be around a little longer for my wife and children.

Have you ever had a health scare that has put your life in perspective and made you think? I would love to hear.

28 thoughts on “My Heart/Health Scare

  1. Gosh that was some scary situation to find yourself in. Good that it wasn’t a heart attack. I take a blood pressure tablet every day and, touch wood, I am fine. You’re good for years yet!

  2. I hadn’t something similar a few years ago and it turned out to be some sort of chest inflammation. I still get it now if I eat too much sugar. Sugar causes our body to be inflamed so I cut that down, eat a lot of good fat and when I do that I’m fine. Glad you’re ok, it can be terrible not knowing what’s going on!

  3. Pleased to here you are OK.
    I know from experience how scary it can be when a doctor says thing like “heart attack”. I was there some years ago in my early 30s so I know exactly what you went through – your thoughts were the same as mine!
    We do seem to think heart attacks and strokes only happen to old(er) people but it’s simply not true (my brother-in-law had a stroke in his late 30s – thankfully he’s recovered now).
    Life is precious and everyday we wake up is a blessing.

  4. Wow, gosh, what a horrible scare! Glad to hear you’re okay now!
    Although I haven’t had that kind of scare personally (touch wood), I’ve had a lot of reminders in the last couple of years, of how fragile life can be. A relative of mine was suddenly killed in a car crash at the age of 53, together with his girlfriend. A friend’s child is fighting cancer. I’m glad to be here, savouring the now x

  5. It’s made me think about my own Dad who went through a double bypass operation a number of years ago and what will happen to me in the future.

    Helps me realise how lucky we are to have our health.

  6. Gosh how scary! Glad you are ok now & went to the drs when you did x
    So many things in life make me realise how fragile we all are and that nothing is guaranteed. Will be hugging my family extra tight when I see them x

  7. Thank goodness you are okay Nige and that things are being sorted for you. What a scary time for you and Emily. I must admit, my health is something I worry about all the time these days. Ever since my Mum got sick a couple of years ago I think about what would happen if I did. Not for me, but for the Little Man. I worry about not being around for him as he grows up. I guess that makes me a normal, loving parent but it’s not nice to carry around with you. So pleased you’re okay. Take care. #ThatFridayLinky

  8. Pleased you are ok and it wasn’t a heart attack. I completely agree health scares really bring home how fragile and precious life is, puts things into perspective too. Hope your blood pressure is easily managed now. #thatlinkyfriday

  9. Glad to hear you are ok! Those moments are horrifying. I myself have had a few, most recently stress related. Tests were all over the place and my doctor told me I need to relax more. Quite hard in a high stress job and with a daughter who has mental health issues. All good now though.

  10. Just had something similar happened to me. I think it must have been the stress of the holidays! Glad you are ok. Mine was a case of premature ventricular contractions. Fancy way of saying palpitations. Makes you not take anything for granted! #thatfridaylinky

  11. So glad your OK, although possibly on that path of ever-increasing meds. My Dad died of a heart attack 2 years ago and it was grim, not how I thought he would go! The upside of a reality check like this is that it pushes you to do something about your life if the worst were to happen tomorrow.
    Start living for today and make sure your little Girls have some amazing memories that will last for their lives.

  12. Oh good golly, how scary! I am so glad you are ok. What a start to 2018. I’ve had a few health challenges over the last 6mths and although not life threatening it has certainly shown me how vulnerable it can make me and how things can change in a split second. #ThatFridayLinky

  13. Nigel I am so glad to hear you are ok. My husband had a stroke a couple of years ago at Christmas and this year I have had my own health thrown out of kilter. We are not invincible and sometimes a scare is a reminder of the need to keep watch and be aware of the changes. Wishing you well.

  14. Wow Nige, I am so sorry to hear what you went through, what a scare! I think any health scare like that is a huge wake up call, as you know I’ve been going through some health issues and it really does make you evaluate your life and what’s important. I really hope your blood pressure can get under control and things settle, take care of yourself!! #thatfridaylinky

  15. Oh goodness me Nige, you poor thing. How scary. I am glad you are okay. I am lucky in that I’ve never (yet) had a health scare, but it must be horrible.

    Look after yourself.

    Pen x


  16. How terrifying for you all! I used to have panic attacks about death before I had my children but now I am less worried (and less selfish so my fears are only for them). I was convinced I would die in childbirth with my eldest and surviving it gave me a sort of inner peace. I hate the thought of leaving my family behind but I hope that if the worst happens they will have happy memories to remember me by. #thatfridaylinky

  17. Yes! I’ve had a somewhat similar story to this, and 2 years later I’m still faithfully taking my blood pressure meds…and I’m 36 and not overweight. I’m glad you got help! #globalblogging

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