A Very Scary Moment

This is a follow on from my post yesterday. My heart/Health Scare.

I am now three days in, taking medication which will hopefully begin to control my blood pressure which has been at a dangerously high level, well for how long I don’t know, but I’m guessing a while.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, this episode of bad health has really shocked me. Probably because I have always been relatively healthy, in fact I have never had any major health problems in my life. So coming to terms with this health issue has been very difficult for me.

So yesterday I had easily the most frightening experience of my life, I’m not the sort of person that makes life dramatic. I’m very laid back about life. I usually take it as it comes.

Yesterday really made me feel that actually everything was all over, I had come to the end of the road. My entire body felt like it was shutting down. I felt completely vulnerable for about 15 minutes.

I was doing something that I have actually done a lot of in my life. Not for one minute did I see the possible consequences of this activity in life. All I will say is the activity in question involved my wife, the rest I will let you work out yourself, because after all this is a family friendly blog.

All of sudden I was rooted to the spot and my entire body just feeling like it was not mine. I couldn’t breathe, the sweat was pouring off me, I felt faint and thought I was going to vomit any second. I couldn’t stand up or sit down. I genuinely thought my time was up. Thankfully my wife was by my side reassuring me. Helping me.

After what seemed like an eternity I started to calm and breathe more normally and felt my body was coming back to normal.

I rang my GP’s for a chat with my doctor to see if I could find out what actually happened. What I was told stunned me. Apparently my blood pressure hit the floor like a brick and that’s what nearly made me pass out. I never thought I could feel so bad.

If I hadn’t already had a big reminder about how fragile life is, this episode yesterday has really brought it home to me. For a few minutes I thought I was a goner. It felt like the life was draining out of my body, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about.

Being this vulnerable is not something I want to feel ever again, it was a very scary moment, also i think maybe its an activity that needs to go on the back burner until my medication is sorted. Saying that the earth did move for me literally, you will have check with my wife if she felt the earth move.

The time has come to really change my lifestyle and become healthy for my wife and children. It’s a defining moment in life that I need to take notice of, so I’m around to be there for my wife and children.

Have you had any health scares in your life? I would love to hear.

4 thoughts on “A Very Scary Moment

  1. It’s terrifying isn’t it, my husband had 2 heart attacks in 2016 at 38 years old after a lifetime of bad food habits, smoking and working nights.

    It’s a real eye opener and we’ve changed our whole lives since that year.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Goodness Nige how scary for you. Very sorry to hear about it, but if a positive change in your health comes out of it then you’re winning!
    I had a health scare when my youngest was born 3 years ago. I lost 6L of blood during an operation and almost didn’t make it. But I did survive and I think I’m stronger for it. I felt elated for about a year, it made me really appreciate my life again!

  3. I shall assume you were doing the washing up togetehr. While wearing a FitBit.

    That said, this was a fascinating read. I thought you were going to say your blood pressure had peaked, not collapsed. Thankfully, no major health scares for me, no. I had an over 40s health check some time ago that came back glowing…..but said I needed to be more active and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

    Hope you make a swift recovery and the medication is sorted out soon. Look after yourself.

  4. Wow, glad you are doing ok. I have not had any major health scares and hoping that streak continues for quite awhile but people close to me have and it is certainly scary. Over the last few years my wife and I made huge changes to our lifestyle because of what we saw happening to people around us and did not want that future for us and our kids if we could avoid it. We now write a lot about our healthy living lifestyle on our blog now as it has become a huge priority in our life. Within the last year we went from eating meat and dairy products routinely to a full vegan/plant-based lifestyle and we have never felt better.

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