A Very Scary Moment

This is a follow on from my post yesterday. My heart/Health Scare. I am now three days in, taking medication which will hopefully begin to control my blood pressure which has been at a dangerously high level, well for how long I don’t know, but I’m guessing a while. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, this episode of bad health has really shocked me. Probably because I have always been relatively healthy, in fact I have never had any major health problems in my life. So coming to terms with this health issue has been very difficult for me…. [Read More]

My Sunday photo

There could only be one photo for My Sunday Photo this week. One of our four year old twins was admitted to hospital,with a very severe infection and this picture shows,just how helpless little ones can be,and as a parent that you need to be strong and supportive for your children. She is on the mend but it will take time. 

When your child ends up in hospital very sick

In just 48 hours it’s amazing how easily your life can be turned upside down. Especially when it involves your children. It started with M not feeling well and in all honesty it looked like she just had a common cold. On this particular morning she went to nursery with her twin sister R and came home at lunchtime as normal, then it changed she didn’t want her lunch and became tired and started to sleep very rapidly.  My wife took her to the doctors as she wasn’t very well. The GP diagnosed a throat infection and prescribed antibiotics so… [Read More]

Our time at the first hospital comes to an end

Following on from my last post, my wife and I felt much more settled. Knowing where we would be sleeping every night made a huge difference. As did being close to our girls. We could be with them 24/7. It was very comforting. The hospital arranged for my wife to have free food in the cafeteria because she was a breastfeeding mum which was great news because it meant one less thing we had to fork out for. As a self-employed dad, when I have time off I don’t earn money, so things were starting to get tight on the financial… [Read More]