A Very Scary Moment

This is a follow on from my post yesterday. My heart/Health Scare. I am now three days in, taking medication which will hopefully begin to control my blood pressure which has been at a dangerously high level, well for how long I don’t know, but I’m guessing a while. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, this episode of bad health has really shocked me. Probably because I have always been relatively healthy, in fact I have never had any major health problems in my life. So coming to terms with this health issue has been very difficult for me…. [Read More]

Reflecting On My Father’s Passing a Year On 

All my life I have had an emotional curtain around me to protect me from hurt and emotions. The last year has enlightened me as to why I was hurt by my biological fathers general behaviour to me as if I didn’t exist. That I was invisible.  It’s approximately a year since my father passed away, although I have to say that we were estranged for 15 years before he died and we didn’t lay eyes on each other in all that time. We had a very dysfunctional relationship and very little contact over my life.  Recently my wife found… [Read More]