Power tools vs. Hand tools: Who comes out on top?

When it comes to any kind of building work, you need tools. They can be the determining factor between a job well done, and a job delayed. But which are the best to have in your arsenal of supplies? I’ve teamed up with BUILT/ to find out who really comes out on top.

Hand tools or power tools?

Ultimately, power tools can be very effective in saving you time and money – particularly when it comes to projects that involve woodwork. Power tools such as air impact wrenches can typically make jobs easier, and often enable you to achieve far more professional results too. That’s not to say hand tools don’t have their place in your work, but unquestionably you can’t live without power tools in the same way you perhaps could with more traditional mechanics.


For any kind of building or renovation works, cement mixers come in seriously handy for getting everything mixed up fast and effectively. They can help to ensure no cement gets wasted, and make it easy to move the cement around your site, and swivel it into the required area.

Then there are drills, which every handyman will no doubt consider themselves experts on thanks to how often they use them. It’s almost as essential as a writer having a pen, or a hairdresser having scissors. All experienced tradesmen will tell you that it’s worth investing in a good drill. It will be reliable and efficient with greater versatility too. One of the top dogs on the drill scene is the Dewalt 18V Brushless G2 Drill Driver – it has a highly effective and efficient trigger speed control, is cordless which makes it hugely convenient, and has 11 Torque settings.

Other key power tools to have to hand include angle grinders, of which the Silverstorm 900W is one I highly recommend and is an affordable price. Additionally, power saws can help to make your work much quicker, especially when they come with a laser guide.

For speeding up plastering, there’s hand mixers and mixing drills. Then there’s nail guns, sanders and decorating power tools for adding the finishing touches. Each of these helps to ensure less manpower, more safety, greater precision and improved speed. If they’re cordless, this can further serve to benefit you as you won’t be tripping over cables or be limited by needing an electric socket. Hand tools still serve a purpose

That’s not to say that hand tools don’t serve a purpose, and you’ll still find them helpful to have around. In tight spaces or for small jobs, it is always good to have a hammer in your tool-kit. It can ensure you quickly get nails knocked in or pulled out, and can be a very low-cost tool to purchase. It’s also useful in areas where you may not be able to get access to any power, and

can ensure the work still gets done.

Additionally, knives and blades can help you cut through layers of material without needing to haul out any heavy equipment. Many plasterers and bricklayers swear by their trowels, which can’t be easily improved by technology.

Ultimately, for any workman it’s a combination of both power tools and hand tools to complete work effectively and on budget. Power tools can often help to speed the work up, but when it comes to the finer details, hand tools remain necessary.

5 thoughts on “Power tools vs. Hand tools: Who comes out on top?

  1. You are 2000% Right about drill. It’s like the machine gun for a soldier. 🙂

    Investing on a good drill will make your life a lot easier. No matter in which industry you are. Or else you are complete housewife a great working drill is the most important tool that you needs to have in your toolbox.

  2. Great Reviews…! I like your Power tools Using tips and ideas in your post. Hands tools are inexpensive to buy than energy equipment, and that they surely nevertheless have an area for your workshop for smaller initiatives. But in case you need to make home improvement and woodworking tasks simpler, quicker and further expert searching, strength gear is the manner to move.

    Besides, you can nevertheless use hand equipment in case you’re on a venture deadline, and the electricity goes out. Good job! I’m very satisfied to look extra hand tools in the store, now, simply imagine the excellent additions to your running collection you may make in case you bought off the one’s power equipment. I am full of inspiring now. Thanks for sharing your Great Post.

  3. We can see here both power tools and hand tools differentiation. I prefer power tools equipment because of it’s easy to use, latest technology and better performance rather than hand tools equipment. Thanks for the sharing such kind of informative article.

  4. I realize that the benefits and disadvantages of the two primary sorts of tools are relevant. Power appreciates and hand tools as classification both have their downsides and their solid focuses.

  5. Hey NIGEL,
    Complicated issues! But I appreciate your reviews and great discussion. Both have some advantages and disadvantages. I think the main difference is the effort and times saving. I believe, it’s better to use hand tools first to gather some experiences after that power tools.
    Thanks for sharing us.

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