Present Patrol to Protect Christmas Presents this Christmas!

I’ve teamed up with ADT for their newest campaign which encourages children to find the best ways of protecting their presents from intruders!

ADT take security as seriously as Father Christmas takes delivering presents on time. That’s why our very own Present Patrol – the nation’s children, are being asked to help keep stock of their stockings!

ADT’s research reveals over half (58 per cent) of UK kids are developing Christmas security solutions to protect their presents from sneaky siblings, pesky parents and other potential ‘gift-grabbers’.

As part of the Present Patrol we were sent two ingenious inventions floor plans of a typical house for our children to draw their present protecting ideas on. You can download yours here.

Some ideas have included:

The Ultimate Tickle Bomb – Possible pilferers would be met with a flurry of feathers to tickle them away from the crime scene!

The Mad Marble Medley – Thieves are intercepted with a very magic carpet that will sweep the culprit off their feet – quite literally!

Spidey Intruder Senses – Keeping some eight-legged friends in a pretend present will teach uninvited unwrappers a lesson they won’t easily forget!

So with our floor plans ready, it was time to get to work and see what our five year old twins would come up with!

R came up with a few of her own ideas such as  using water balloons to deter would be thieves. When they open a door, the water bombs would fall down landing on anyone planning on pinching her presents! She also came up with the idea of leaving an empty stocking as bait, but when a present pincher reaches in, they’ll have a shock as it’ll be filled with spiders!

M enjoyed testing out her ideas. In the picture above, she’s filling a balloon up with feathers. This can be popped over any would be thieves head, covering them in feathers!

M also came up with the idea of laying Lego pieces down on the floor so that when an intruder attempts to enter our home, they’d step on the Lego. As any parent knows, this is very painful!

Here’s M putting into practise her Lego idea…

…and here’s me ‘testing’ out her trap! It worked very well, and as you can tell by the look on her face, she was very pleased!

So there we have it! Our Present Patrol have come up with some amazing ideas! What ideas do you think your little ones could come up with? Why not download and print off a floor plan and see what they think up!

This post was written in collaboration with ADT.

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