Sisters: My Sunday Photo

On Wednesday just gone it was my birthday, and my 20 year old daughter came home from university for a few days.

Which was wonderful as I got to see her on my birthday, many moments make your life worthwhile, and my Sunday Photo this week is without a doubt, one of them.

Whenever my daughter E comes home from university, her sisters R and M are so excited to see her, they love having her around, and cuddles are the order of the day. They are always asking her when she is due back home so they can see her.

The love they all have for each other is what family means to me, even when I’m gone, I know there is an unbreakable bond between my children that will never be broken.

As a dad I simply couldn’t ask for anything else, it’s beautiful and is the best feeling in the world, and all I have ever wished for.

5 thoughts on “Sisters: My Sunday Photo

  1. I can only imagine what that must be like for you to have one of your older kids home and for your littllies to have their older sister home. House must be a hive of excitement! belated birthday wishes Nigel.

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