OMG! My Daughter E Is 21 Years Old today

It’s been 21 years today since I first held my daughter in my arms for the very first time. The memory is as clear today as if it was yesterday. So much has happened in 21 years and it’s frightening how quickly the time has gone by. When you were born you weighed just over 5lbs and within 24 hours you gave us all a fright by turning blue and having a shallow breath. It turned out you were using all your energy to breathe and didn’t have any energy to feed. After a couple of weeks in hospital you… [Read More]

Oh No! We All Forget Birthdays Sometimes

We all lead very busy lives and consequently it is so easy to forget birthdays, anniversaries or those special days that you should always remember, but life can sometimes get complicated and with children to organise for school and their incredibly busy life, we tend to lose track of time, and if you’re anything like me you’ll often forget what date it is in the month too! Of course I’m no different to anybody else. I can forget it’s somebody’s birthday due to being very busy. So, like everybody else I break out into a mad panic and it’s a… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo 

This week I have two photos. My twin girls will be five years old next Tuesday.  They had their birthday party yesterday for all their friends.  The first photo is the girls blowing out the candles on their birthday cakes. Amazing how different they are! Star Wars for R and Shopkins for M.  The second photo is when they have just arrived home with all their presents from their party, they really are very lucky girls.  They are possibly having two birthdays this year the official one this coming Tuesday and the unofficial one yesterday, just like the queen!

Some Excellent Nappy Cake Ideas.

  As much as we try and prepare for a new addition to the family, there are very often things that we forget or just overlook, even for experienced parents! A Nappy Cake is an excellent gift for new parents that people often fill with both things for the child, as well as the mother, and even sometimes the father. If you have family or friends that are expecting a child and want to get them a gift that they will be truly thankful for, you should consider getting them a nappy cake.    • Creative Ideas   If you are… [Read More]

Larger house

The other day one of my twin girls said to me, “We will need a larger house dad.” So I said, “Really?Why is that then R? She replied, “Well, when Christmas comes again we will need more room for toys.” Ok! We live in a two bedroom detached bungalow not huge but a nice size with plenty of room for the four of us,and her comment got me to thinking. Are we nurturing a generation of ‘haves’ and not realising that you can’t have everything.  Our twins have been incredibly fortunate to have as much as they have. The world… [Read More]