The Fear That Something Terrible Will Happen To One of My Children

When I go to bed at night I am usually awake for about 30 minutes, and this is when I have thoughts of fear and worry that something will happen to my children. As I have got older my thoughts always stray to bad things happening to my children, and it has definitely got worse the older I have got. It seems crazy, but I get myself into a state of total worry. My twin girls are six years old, and are now very independent. When I pick them up from school they no longer walk by my side, instead… [Read More]

The Worry Of Children (Little Ones And The Bigger Ones)

Last Saturday we went to our local village Christmas fair, and the annual turning on of the Christmas lights. For some reason we decided it started at 2pm, or least my wife did! but we were completely wrong, it actually started at 4pm. This left us with about an hour and a half to waste while waiting for the fair to open. To pass the time we went into a cafe for a drink. Our five year twin girls had strawberry milkshakes. After leaving the cafe R became very quiet and actually didn’t look very well. There were some rides… [Read More]

What Will Be, Will Be

This statement is one that I heard many years ago and to a large degree I have led my life this way. Why you may well ask? The truth is that I often wonder if we can really change our lives or is it simply planned out for us well in advance? Maybe even from the day we take our first breath in this world. Is it possible that the path we take is pre-determined for us? Actually, I think it is! I came up the hard way in life and I had to make my own luck at times,… [Read More]

When do you stop worrying about your children? Never!

Just recently my 20 year old daughter went to Ibiza with two friends. I know she is 20, but I can’t help it, I still worry. When your children are little you seem to worry all the time. When they are unwell, going to school for the first time, making sure that they are happy and comfortable etc. Your children hit those teenage years which is a minefield. The first problem is they rarely speak to you so goodness knows what’s going on in their minds. They are experiencing all new things like parties and staying out a bit later,… [Read More]

Worry about a teenage holiday to Ibiza

This summer my 17 year old daughter is taking her A’Levels. When they’re finished she is going on holiday with her friends from school to Ibiza. The feeling of dread I have is incredible. Why I ask myself this is because she is just a month short of 18, but you hear all these nightmare stories of bad things happening so I only hope she is sensible. I don’t think she is that street wise. Maybe she is in her own world where we live, but it’s a different story in Ibiza. I have given her advice although it is… [Read More]