Chocolate For Easter Is That Really What’s It All About?

Yesterday on Easter Sunday, like a lot homes up and down the UK, Easter egg hunts were in full flow, as our young children attempt to eat their body weight in chocolate, which I have to admit is partly our fault, but not entirely.

There are darker forces at play here, more commonly known as supermarkets and marketing companies, and of course the chocolate brands themselves.

Between them all they manage to fill the shelves in supermarkets, newsagents, and actually any shop they can with a mountain of chocolate Easter eggs. Of course this encourages us as parents and our children to live an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle for three days.

I will admit it was very cool to watch the girls wake up yesterday morning full of excitement to see if the Easter bunny has been, and then their whoops of delight as they find another Easter egg. Oh to be six years old and believe in the myth of the Easter bunny!

The twins were up at the crack of dawn. I actually think before daylight had arrived, and were immediately on the hunt for chocolate. This also gradually moved out to the back garden.

My wife even made sure our rabbit snuggles had an Easter treat yesterday. Let’s not leave our third child out, haha!

I read somewhere that children today receive on average 13 Easter eggs. This is actually crazy! As a child I usually received one so the thought of receiving 13, is to me, mind boggling, but this is the world we live in today. Out of control and everything done to the maximum, which sadly is encouraged by the shops to sell more and make more money.

It all seems a bit crazy to me that from the moment our children can eat solid food, which we try to make sure is healthy and that they eat their fruit and veg. Then on a couple of occasions in the year, Easter being one, we fill them up on chocolate, and I mean a ridiculous amount of chocolate. Sadly I get conned into it and my six year old twins have been eating lots of chocolate throughout the Easter break and beyond. I really think we need to limit how much they have, sadly I probably won’t.

What do you think? Do you think children have too much chocolate over Easter? I would love to hear.

5 thoughts on “Chocolate For Easter Is That Really What’s It All About?

  1. 13 Easter Eggs?! Are you for real? I completely agree with you, word for word. All year there’s a focus on healthy eating but then everyone forgets that on special occasions, one chocolate is enough in my opinion let alone 13! #GlobalBlogging

    Soffy //

  2. I must admit when I was younger I used to get one very large egg from my mam and that was usually it. Maybe some new clothes. Now I have kids we only buy one small egg. The rest of the things we put in his basket are things he can play with or things he enjoys. Such as a Easter bubble tube. A bath bomb. Games ect. We have enough sweets and chocolate in our sweet cupboard without adding more.

  3. I agree, people tend to go crazy and buy way too much. And I feel there’s a financial issue to this as well as a health issue. Everyone is expected to get loads of chocolates, sweets and prezzies for their kids (and grandkids, nieces and nephews etc) and there’s a pressure to be lavish and to not be “tight” about these things. But not everyone can afford to buy loads of eggs etc, and it’s not really supposed to be a competition, is it..? #GlobalBlogging

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