Our Holiday To Disneyland Paris 2018 Day 2 & 3

On day two when I looked outside the window, I was disappointed that the weather was not the best. There were dark clouds in the sky and heavy rain forecast for lunchtime. Still we had wet weather coats and leggings and we were determined not to let the weather dampen our day.

First up for the day was breakfast at Plaza Gardens with the characters. This is always awesome and the girls love having a hug with Mickey and all his friends. It’s a fantastic chance to grab photos and get the all important autograph books signed without having to queue for hours.

We took in some rides this morning including three that we didn’t manage to get on last year. The first ride was Autopia which is a car ride that the girls can ‘drive’. It was loads of fun. We also went on Orbitron, Buzz Lightyears Laser Blast and Casey Jnr Train ride which was loads of fun and we went into the maze which is always a blast with the girls leading the way and getting us lost, haha!

On the way back for lunch we bumped into Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, a great opportunity for a photo and autographs. We then made our way over to Chey Remy for lunch which was lovely as always.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel for a rest because it had been a hectic first two days and we were all feeling a bit tired so a little sleep was in order.

We had arranged as part of our premium package to have tea at Inventions the restaurant in our hotel which to our total surprise was with the characters so the girls got to meet many more characters including Mickey, Minnie and Captain Hook and many more. It was then off to bed for an early night.

Day 3

The third day of our holiday in Disneyland Paris will easily go down for me as my favourite day. With me being a lifelong fan of Marvel and superheroes, and now that they have truly arrived at Disneyland Paris I was totally in my element.

My wife, who I have to say, is super organised called down to the concierge in the morning to see if we could book the Marvel dinner and amazingly they came back and said yes no problem, how’s about 9.30pm? Of course it was a no brainer. Yes please! Better still we could use our premium vouchers to pay for it! We later found out that some people were paying around £400 for the Marvel dinner.

During the day we had lunch at ADC with the princesses which for my one twin girl, M, is perfect as she got to meet Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel and Aurora, and she loved every minute.

After lunch we headed over to the studios to see the SuperHero’s Unite show. We had to queue for well over an hour, but it was so worth it. All the main characters, Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, Black Widow and many more were all there to produce an action packed show full of strobes, and at times breathtaking technology. The whole theatre was lit up and the entire audience was captivated.

This really was a day of superheroes! After a short rest back at our hotel we made our way over to the New York hotel and our Marvel dinner, which we knew meant we’d meet Captain America, Thor and Black Widow.

The whole experience started like a dream. We were waiting to go to our table which was also the place that you get to meet the Superheroes. As we were standing there just watching, all of a sudden Captain America came up and gave M a kiss on the cheek! What a fantastic start, and of course she is now convinced she is going to marry him. Mind you she may have to fight off her mother who was definitely getting a thing for Captain America haha!

Where we were sitting eating our meal was where the cast members walked out for breaks every now and again. On one occasion Captain America walked passed, blew some kisses to the girls and actually said their names which was magical for me that he remembered them from our first meet and greet with him. I did say I think this one here (my wife) would like a kiss too to which he replied, “I will see you later” whilst pointing at my wife, and then he very politely said “Sorry Sir!” to me! The lady on the table next to us then asked if she could come later too, haha! Captain America was certainly a hit with the ladies!

We were finally called through to meet Captain America and Thor for photos and autographs, and it was one of those moments that only Disney can produce. I stood back and watched my six year old twin girls completely in awe of the whole experience and loving every moment of it. If only I could bottle that memory forever!

Captain America was truly brilliant with the girls, remembering their names and just chatting to them and making them feel so very special.

This was my defining moment of our holiday to Disneyland Paris 2018.

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2 thoughts on “Our Holiday To Disneyland Paris 2018 Day 2 & 3

  1. Oh wow, it sounds like you had an absolutely fantastic time. Disneyland Paris is definitely on our must visit list. We’ll probably wait for a couple of years yet though so my little girl can really appreciate it. #TriumphantTales

  2. There is something so magical about Disney isnt there? We were meant to go last month which I was so excited for, however, having the twins is a good enough reason to have to cancel!!!!
    The girls look like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and so do you and Emily! This is what is so great about that place – it really is for everyone!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

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