I’m In Awe Of Full-Time Bloggers

I have total admiration for anybody that decides to blog full-time to earn their living and make it their sole income. It’s a very brave move and one that I’m not sure I would take. However, there were times last year when I could have been tempted to make that leap, but for a few reasons I didn’t. 2017 was definitely an eye opener for me. The opportunities that have come my way have certainly made me at times think that I could do this for a full-time living. Around March of 2017 the opportunities started to arrive in my… [Read More]

Quick DIY Fixes To Do This Summer

Photo:unsplash  Summer really is the best time of year. If you have children, then you can share in their enthusiasm for it. Every kid looks forward to the summer holidays and being there with them to enjoy it is one of the great pleasures of being a parent. It is also a great time to go away on holiday. You spend all winter and spring looking forward to escaping the everyday pressures of life and kicking back for a while. But if you are going to really start your summer off properly, you need to make sure that you finally… [Read More]

My Two Eldest Daughters Have Grown Up 

There was definitely a point in my mid to late teens that it was not cool to be seen in public with my parents. In my case it was just my mum. The days of going to Tesco to do the weekly shop was a big NO NO! Just in case I bumped into any of my friends. Conversation between the two of us became less and was usually limited to what I wanted to eat for tea, and if you are going out what time will you be home.  There was a time before this that I would have… [Read More]

 Job Hunting In the UK: Tips & Advice For Parents

There are many difficulties that individuals have to face while trying to find a job in 2016. As a parent, those difficulties are even further enhanced, especially if you have taken a career break. However, don’t despair, as that perfect job is out there with your name on it. Below we share some tips and advice for parents who wish to get back into work. Networking An active online presence is extremely important, mostly as a means of reconnecting with the job world. Social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are a great place to start. If you… [Read More]

My first job

I, like a lot of people left school aged just 16 years old. Coming from a sterotypical working class background of the time. It was expected, in fact demanded that I found a job instantly without much thought given to whether I would enjoy it or not.  My mother actually found the job for me which was at a city centre hotel in my hometown. My job had the posh title of Trainee Manager. Little did I know that this was in fact just a mask for a general dogs body. However, being young and very naive it never really… [Read More]