New Years Day Party with Iceland

Iceland Power of Frozen Party Food

I’ve teamed up with Iceland to see just how powerful the #poweroffrozen really is! Scroll down to the end for the video!  We’ll be having a New Years Day party which is very exciting because New Years  is one of my favourite times of year to have a party because it’s the last day of the festive season, which means that the whole family can get together before they have to face going back to work or school. I’m a dad of five children. Three that are teenagers and four year old twins, so once New Years Day is done, they… [Read More]

New home, new outlook!

If you’ve read my post from earlier today then you’ll know that we’re soon going to be moving house.  It’s not something we really wanted to do, but sometimes in life these obstacles are thrown at us for a reason, even if I’m still yet to discover that reason! However, I really do believe that everything happens for a reason. Something my wife also strongly believes in. Aside from the upheaval of moving house, packing everything up and settling ourselves and our almost four year old twins into a new house, I am trying to look on the bright side. It’s… [Read More]

Proud to be part of a new dad advice book

A few weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook asking for dads to give advice to new dads that was going to be published in a new book called The New Dad’s Handbook. To be honest I really forgot all about it and then just a few days ago I was tagged in a post on Facebook that they had chosen my advice as one of 11 tips to new dads.  I was very honoured and incredibly flattered that they considered my advice worthy of being included.  Since starting blogging about a year ago I have been staggered by the… [Read More]

Our trip to see Peppa Pig surprise live show

Over the last 12 months I have entered into Peppa Pig’s world with my twin girls. It never ceases to amaze me what the appeal of certain children’s characters are, but I have sat down with the girls and watched DVDs with them and they seem to be almost hypnotised by Peppa Pig, and actually there is something about her that is very entertaining. As R and M have always been big fans of Peppa Pig, when the opportunity arose to see the live show in our home town we jumped at the chance.  We went early to the city centre… [Read More]

Tips for choosing a new TV

My wife and I have had our current TV for around 10 years. It’s served us well over the years aside from the odd occasion when the channels have all disappeared for no reason! It was easy to fix though with some simply re-tuning so we never really saw the need to buy a new TV. We moved house last week and in the midst of all the unpacking we’ve been doing, my wife and I decided that it was probably time to buy some new furniture. Our first new purchase was a pair of sofa’s, which will be delivered… [Read More]