Bluestone National Park With Persil UK #DirtIsGood #Presstrip

We have just arrived back from Bluestone in West Wales after spending the weekend there as guests of Persil UK. We were invited to Bluestone Wales as part of their #DirtIsGood campaign. The campaign is all about getting outdoors as a family, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect location than Bluestone Wales. Situated in Pembrokeshire, Bluestone Wales offers up plenty of opportunities for families to get back to nature. We’ve actually been to Bluestone a number of times, however this time was definitely a bit different and that’s because all of the activities for the children and the… [Read More]

Summer Is Here That Means Lots Of Gardening

Summer is now upon us. The next three or four months are hopefully the times when we spend lots of time in the garden. It’s that time of year when our seven year old twin girls spend hours playing in the garden on the trampoline, the swings, playing football or simply just making up games for hours on end. It really is so important to me that our girls spend as much time as possible outdoors and reduce the screen time to hopefully the minimum amount. Thankfully the girls love being outdoors but for that to happen you of course… [Read More]

I’m On The Chad Valley Play Panel #GoodToGo

The sun is shining which means it’s time to get out in the garden! I have teamed up with Chad Valley and Argos which means that I’m part of their #PlayPanel. As such my children get to try out some of the Chad Valley outdoor toy range, and as you will see they are having a fantastic time checking out all of the great toys. The campaign is all centred around getting outdoors in the garden with your children and enjoying the sunshine, or least trying to when we are dodging the raindrops! It is after all the UK, haha!… [Read More]

Looks Like Camping Is On The Agenda This Summer

Over the last 12 months, my six year old twin girls have mentioned on a regular basis that they would love to go camping during the summer months. The influence has definitely come from a few of their school friends who go camping on a regular basis. We only have one problem though. We don’t own a tent, or for that matter have any idea which tent to buy so it’s perfect for a week away in the wilds of the welsh countryside for a family of four. As a child I never went on a camping trip. I guess… [Read More]

I Have Been a Lazy Daddy 

We live in the ever increasing technological super highway world, and I have been a bad daddy to my four year old twins, R and M. Over the last four weeks I have had a health scare. In fact I have been to the doctors this year more times than I have in my entire life. On a Monday and Tuesday I am a full time stay at home dad to my four year old twins and I have to admit I have not been very patient. The likely reason is that I have been worried about my health and… [Read More]

Getting kids outdoors with Proline Skates

When I was a kid my friends and I would spend hours rising our bikes around. We’d go to the park, shops and even through the mud tracks up the mountains. It was lots of fun, but also a great way to spend time outdoors. It seems that these day a lot of children prefer to stay indoors and talk to their friends online via computers, tablets and phones. The fun of playing outdoors until it go dark seems to have disappeared.  There are lots of different ways that we, as parents can encourage our children to spend more time… [Read More]